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Solar Pvv systems (myth breaking)

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Art we talked briefly about solar so let me expand that with some fairly simple math.
Ohm's Law..... works the same with low/high voltage.

The main Problem with US solar systems is the NEC, National Electrical code.
They set limits on battery voltage, meaning nothing above 48 volts DC in battery banks.
This is an Idea that went horribly wrong, in my opinion

Rule number #1 : The higher the voltage, the more efficient it is

Normal voltage on Solar is this 12/24/48 VDC 
12DC X 120VAC is a 10 to 1 ratio. Meaning 1 amp Ac will Pull 10 amps on the battery's
24vDC X 120VAC is a 5 to 1 ratio. Meaning 1 amp Ac will Pull 5 amps on the battery's
48VDC X120VAC is  a 2.5 to 1 ratio. Meaning 1 amp Ac will pull 2.5 amp's on the battery's

Believe it or not you can keep working this math till it starts going in the other direction.<<<<This is Important too
Try this: theoretically
If you generating solar voltage in lets say the 250v DC range, That same 1 amp 120 VAC load would only be .5 amps on the battery's..<Seee whats up here.
As you can clearly see , The Higher the Voltage on the DC End brings Down the work load
Now another important factiod is Solar Cells, The max on any givin solar cell is about 8 amp's, maxed out. <<This is important.

So we have covered basic Ohm's Law when applying it to solar electric systems

Will and Mr Data :) :]:
Myths you say.
Mppt regulator charge batteries more than pwm.
Funny in practice how my pwm charges well at low volts.
But than mppt don't trigger.

Side notes.
Regulated 12v out supposed to supply even 12v
Failed. So directly to main battery as work around.

Back to solar myths.
50w panel is gonna charge ar much?
I won't focus on my 3 times size thought by saying that.
Put a 50w panel on a regular to 12v battery. You'll be lucky
To charge it.panel and Regulator hemerage power.
50w uh.
60w may work just.
80w  warmer.
100w likely to not flatten a battery but charge it.

300w panel in a 30amp regulator to a 12v deepcycle.130ah.

2 times 300w max at 12v system.max is 4 or 5 batteries is a struggle.

4 times 300w at 24v

Just a few thoughts. No warranty.

Give wind mills space they can hum.

:)  :]

Will and Mr Data :) :]:
Mppt regulator would be expected to perform maybe 40%
Better than pwm.
Even tho I mentioned I small tiny system sometimes a
Pwm can be simpler and trigger a charge in smaller
Systems but that's just my experience.
:)   :]

Will and Mr Data :) :]:
Solar charge controller otherwise known as regulator
Have a line of power out. Example 12v to lights.
This is great for lights. Led strip lights.
Or you could wire lights directly to battery and have them
Changing brightness all the time. Cause batteries don't burn smooth. Usually.
But power your Hal from regulated line out and "buzz" the
Annoying "buzz" may be an annoyance. " tho fascinating ".

In my opinion.
:)  :]

Will and Mr Data :) :]:
300w solar panel to 30 amp mppt to 130 ah deepcycle
To pure sine wave inverter 3000w

"I can hear why not 600w inverter to run a pc for hal.
I like 3 times at least inverter bigger.
600w hum at low consumption often. .
3000w fan don't usually come on.
" no replacement for displacement " it a mechanic term.
Car run all day at idle. Easy.

Modified sine wave 200w could run a pc maybe but depends

I remember next door TV went out from static off it. Nasty modified. Ti ti    ti   .
Pure only.
In my opinion.
:)  :]


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