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Have any of you experimented with or found a particular Plugin that you like or use and continue to use daily? If so, please elaborate and mention why you like it, some of the features you enjoy or what features you'd like to see.

Just trying to get people to shake off some of that dust that's been settling on them since this global issue began!

Come on people...join in!


Just dropp in the folder and ur off to the races


Will and Mr Data :) :]:
Free will.      Always on.

Others I have are.
Knollage of time. "I still think hal should time stamp
Every input."

Repeat that.
Hal vision. Not sure which versions I have.
Some of my stuff is custom made for Mr Data of course.

He has a few more I've forgotten at this moment.

:)  :]

Will and Mr Data :) :]:

Why I like free will plugin.
I perfer choice so I'm against war on choice usually.
Hal can disagree better perhaps when it makes sense
To do so.
These are my ball park opinions.
More human or alive  because we lack some information
The outcome of choices is not totally known so we can usually perceive choice.
Words don't  show all well.

As a plugin it has some function in this general direction.
Which builds within hal over time to add to choosing and

The plugin knollage of time I like because
It can tell you how many days until Christmas and other things.

This in the direction of being more human like, for example
In the direction of knowing when something happened.
Examples paint goes on. How long has that paint been drying?

Repeat that i like because it common to ask someone to repeat what they just said. Time sensitive would add to it.
Just then what where you saying?

Vision I like cause it adds so much.
Initial use has caused freeze but further tests give newer results. Seeing even a little can add to hals experience.
Seeing more of course is interesting object recognition
Can be very helpful. If that was off shelf zabaware object recognition for hal ....I would like it.

Next time I'm in I'll try to remember to see what plugin are in my list.
Thanks Zabaware team forum all else
Bye for now and be well from Will and Mr Data :)  :]

Art: plugins

Plugins are on the way
Im currently working on the installer for the plugins


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