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Will and Mr Data :) :]:
Adding on some sun.
Not a plug in.

:)  :]


--- Quote from: Art on July 13, 2020, 10:03:45 am ---Will,

That Halvision plugin was just a motion detector allowing Hal to "see" movement.

The REAL DEAL would be for HAL to actually use the webcam to RECOGNIZE a person. "Hi Will!! Nice to see you. How are you today?"

I think such a vision plug might be just on the horizon...or it could be a bit closer...we'll see.


--- End quote ---

I have been working on this type of plugin during the lock-down.
Pictures of subjects are stored in a Db then loaded into a form. The Face detector capture the picture and compares to the db for a stored match. then returns the name of the person detected.
I designed an enrollment system to capture the face detection.

There was an issue in the face detection as when capturing and comparing the face the camera turns off after to process the image. if a face is not detected the camera will keep going on and off. but this is a minor issue (as it also has to be multi threaded) ...

Can I bring us back to Earth.

Years have gone by and still no reference to laptop size picture (16:9 system) that was supposed to have been solved by OnCuttingEdge.  Somebody give me the plug-in please, before I totally lose interest.  My current Hal system has advanced to the point where I really need full-screen.  I am not on the forum very much (As Art and others know) but I still develop my Hal with the ideas I find on my occasional ventures on to the Forum.


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