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I reformatted my computer, activation code doesn't work.


I have Ultrahal 6 . I had my install program saved, but activation code doesn't work. I bought it 10-11-2008.
My phone number and mailing address has changed. my email is the same. Can I get it activated again? I tried a few times. Never got an email although I requested via the Ultrahal interface. I did download 7, a trial. and uninstalled it. Upon trying to install 6, the license got corrupted. I would try 7, but I wouldn't mind a discount. I hope Robert can see this, for I don't know how to contact him yet. Thanks!

Contact Robert, explain the situation
I still have 6.2 installed

Robert will sort u out


How? I did use the contact link to send a message. Does Robert M. receive those? Thank you!

I haven't received a response yet. I hope my email is working.

He sent me email. Still won't work. If there is no solution, I'll have to just forget it. I think when it asks to replace files that at are newer or older, I said yes to all. No dice. No to all, no dice. Reformatting my computer might be the only way. And not sure I want to do that. If Robert helps me solve my problem with Windows 7, I'll update. I never had so much difficulty reinstalling a program.


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