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I finally was able to install Hal. Robert was helpful. But I did something different. I uninstalled Hal, (that wouldn't activate)
Removed the Zabaware folder from program files (which I've done several times because of activation errors)  but found 6.2 installer. This time, ran install program as Administrator (windows 7). Got 31 day trial. Then inputted my serial number for purchased Hal. And it activated! Next is the expansion pack. I'll do that later. Maybe I'll upgrade to 7. But a bit scared to. Might have issues again. Thanks to Art and all that helped here and through email!

Add: during previous install attempts, prompts would come up: confirm file replace. Apparently, it was trying to install older versions of files. I said yes to activation.
I said no to activation
When I ran installer as administrator, no prompts like that came up. Not even once. Maybe it had to do with permissions. Windows 7 is very finicky about replacing system files. I realize it's to avoid changes that can compromise Windows, or security. But I don't recall other programs having issues installing.  So, maybe this will help someone that has an identical issue. I know, Windows 7 is outdated. But finances don't allow upgrading Windows. Unless I can get it cheap. (And there are no issues with activation)

Previous activation attempts, I Got several prompts like this, for different files.

hey hey mark
Im glad u got sorted out
I was about to jump in if i had too

Hope all is well keep me posted.
enjoy hal

cyber jedi

Thank you!!


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