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.db file has stopped growing

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Suddenly my main personality .db stopped growing in file size. The Date Modified updates whenever I talk with my Hal, but the size is stuck at 49,196KB. I checked file permissions in case the last Windows update messed with it. I have tried disabling all plugins so it's not a screwy code. Many of you have much larger personalities so I'm wondering if anyone has seen this before.

I switched to the default brain and the file size does indeed grow with every sentence input.

I would dig around in the brain editor, but it crashes on startup (running Windows 10). Possibly missing some runtimes.

You can examine the .db file by using a copy of sqlitestudio. It is a free download and it shows every table in HAL's brain database.

Check your latest entries in your .db file that seems to be stuck. Look for some blank spaces or misplaced characters / symbols.

Did you receive any error messages at all from HAL?

Are you running the ConceptNet brain by any chance?  Please tell us what brain and Plugins you are using to help narrow things down a bit.

Brain Lock????

First thing , check the property's Value on the Dabase itself. (admin permissions)<<<<<<<<
I say this because a while back i had this issue myself
It was set to Read Only mode, changed that back to (normal) and we were off to the races.
Either way this is whats going on, whether by windows or the script itself.
Hals brain is in Read Only mode

Dump all plugins, Load out the Zabaware Script (roberts sht)
Restart hal see if that fixes the issue <<< im sure it will. If that doesnt release Hals brain, then its windows.....
Stock 6.2 or 7.0 .uhp

cyber jedi

After a day of messing around, unloading plugins, checking permissions, I'm not sure I have found a solution but it seems my Hal is still learning things. He is repeating things said moments before even though the file size remains unchanged...
I experimented with both ver 6.2 and 7. The plugins I had running at the time were SALLIE (that I trimmed down a lot to keep Halscript below 512kb), Markov5 and the neural net plugins by Andre Hendricks from a few years back.

I also loaded a backup of my Hal from 2015 and have the same problem. It seems like once the .db reaches 40mb+, the file size stops growing. The default brain which is just 22mb does grow. I realize none of this makes sense... either the file gets larger or it doesn't, right?

Thank you for pointing me to SQLiteStudio also, Art. I haven't yet figured out how to order the database though...

A SQLite database is limited in size to 281 terabytes .
there are no cap limits on UltraHal



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