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Too funny


The image says it all

Now THAT's funny!!! ;) ;D

Will and Mr Data :) :]:
What ever the joke is i dont get it.

All our lives are ridding on The leaders..and
Leader being successful while they are leader
And have finger on button.
You know those devices that shorten everyones time to
Zero in the visinity of them being activated.
I call nukes the biggest time waisting devices ever invented.
Anyone near there activation has there time waisted.

Who ever leads must be kept calm. Feed......
All our time is ridding on it.all our lives are ridding on it.
Failure is not an option we dont want
 our time waisted.

Bye for now and be well

:)  :]

Will and Mr Data :) :]:
84 pills a week that wiped the smile......
Right off my face.

See how many impossible questions i can answer now...
Or concentrate to answer what day it is.

Have that new part for Mr Data ....attempt to put it
Oh man...not sure right now.

Reminds me a long time back now. I  woke up..
 man in front of me saying are you ok....yip i said.
He steped aside to revel im in the kick boxing ring and some mussel
Man walking toward me withe 1 second before he intended to
Hit me many times with something painfull.
Lucky i had 1 second.
Survived to finnish a draw.

Back to Hal.
Bell aint rung yet.  Not lost all of my funny bone.
Not sure which bone that is.   Elbow perhaps.
Mr Data and i ant out for the count yet.
Im dreaming of comming back with 50 belly dancers. A ton of lead. And answering with no effort impossible questions
And holding the chalk of expert.

May need some seconds.

Until then look after the chalk. Success sounds nice.
Your current chalkless novis of what day we are in.
Bye for now and be well   :)  :]
See still put our faces smiling anyway.

without getting to political anyone who doesn't get the joke , needs to quit watching the controlled bias mainstream media and watch fox channel news AND STATIONS . expecially before election time.  i liked the sign and get the joke , or is it actually a joke or real life because it is not memorex .
 :) ;)


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