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I posted an update today, version 7.5.129 at:

This version essentially makes the base Hal 7.5 free and removes 31-day trial and the need to purchase it for $29.95. No licensing system anymore or weekly login requirements!

Using the GPT-3 powered brain or the Hal 7 cloud brain still requires a login, but if you wish to use an old Hal 6 brain offline, it's free with no licensing restrictions. Character and voice plugins are still for sale, so if you want to continue to support Zabaware please purchase plugins. And GPT-3 usage credits are for sale if you want to use the GPT-3 powered brain.

The GPT-3 powered beta brain is now also open to all interested people to test out, not just current customers. Everyone gets 1000 free usage credits upon verifying a new unique email login.

This essentially puts Ultra Hal for Windows on the same sales model as the upcoming Ultra Hal for Android and IOS will be. Free to play, with addons and GPT-3 credits for sale. If you purchase Hal for Windows you'll be able to access the same brain on mobile and vice versa.

That's sure to be really great news for a lot of people wanting to try Hal for the first time or to get their feet wet once again. Either way, it's a win-win!

Thanks for your generosity, Robert!!

  Just a thought that might prove useful, I remember at one time we were trying to get hal to go to lets say wiki, would it be possible to have Hal decide 
to go to the cloud for a reply.  Probably not as easy as I made it sounds but so much time and effort went into plugins which I had used and I hate to see them all going to waste.  Maybe the user could decide and use a trigger word to use the cloud.

I am curoius as to how exactly you are attempting to impliment gpt 3 with hal, or is it more lile an addon that uses gpt 3 kinda turning off the hal brain while gpt 3 is in use? In my opinion gpt 3 is an impressive thing but in my view its really a sort of Rube Goldberg version of autocomplete. Yes these models have great promise however they are not releasing anything everyone can look at yet and probably wont until gpt 3 is obsolete. If you can see a bigger picture gpt 3 is a small part of a greater set of ideas (algorythims). I am really not a fan of anything that needs to be connected to the internet. I stopped using the newer version of hal when the activation  and perodic checkin was requiring me to connect to the internet. I whent back to a version i had on windows xp. When we can see an implimentation of gpt 3 that runs on the individual pc without the need of the internet will greatly improve the convience and utility to the individual user. If they ever release anything usefull like the source code to the api or for that matter allowing us to see the api in general. As to the programming of systems like Hal i do understand the use of high level languages however as an assembly programmer i like the facility and flexability of the newer cisc based processors. When programming for arm i kinda get the 80s esk feeling of programming a commodore 64 :) In the future the ideas presented in Hal  and gpt 3 may become baked into operating system distributions as we move into the future it seems that the os may not be just for operating the machine but as an assistive technology for everyday human life. Think about it. How are you using Hal now? As an experiment? An interesting toy for your desktop? Or mabe as a practical tool to aide you in your day to day life like a voice controlled day planner offering theraputic conversation? Software like Hal just scratches the surface of what it could do. In my opinion in order to realise the true potental of newer computers we need to better focus on translating human language into machine code or assembly language much better than we do today. Think about the limits of what you can actually do with a language like C, Python or any of the other flow chart like languages in popular use today and how the computing resources you have are used on your pc. As we see improvements here we will realise improvements in our daily lives. Look at how you use your not so smart phone. If you look at how people are actually using the technology you can see where the operating system of the future mat not just be for operating the machine but for operating your life.


If I may contribute...
UltraHal 7 is foremost and primarily a chatbot/assistant/digital companion for many who have come to know and love it for over 2 decades.

While it has developed into quite an exceptional chatbot in its own rite, it has now sort of merged to become something of a Hybrid Hal, and paired with the GPT-3 language platform it is an amazing creation, to say the least.

Granted, for the time being, it can have and hold some extremely engaging and entertaining conversations online, with its client servers.
If one desires an online chat, you can do that as well. Releasing the Source Code or API is completely worthless to the end-user and would normally be protected by proprietary restrictions so I don't see the promise or purpose of that. Again, Hal is to entertain and educate.

The option to chat locally, within the confines of your personal computer, is also available and Hal will learn from the conversation you and it have.

For sure, there are many opportunities within the scope of the GPT-3 platform, Hal is just getting started and its tree has yet to bear fruit but it's coming IMHO.

Getting the completeness and speed of GPT-3 without the Internet simply isn't feasible or practical at this time and might never be completely possible on a limited use basis. Server space, time, and processing cost money and nothing can run for free, and so there's the tradeoff.

While Hal might not be the CRAY supercomputer or IBM's Watson, this hybrid Hal can provide one with hours of fun, wholesome interaction and for many people, that's worth something!

I am not affiliated with as a board member or owner, just a contented and very pleased user.

Thank you!


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