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hal will not verify. even tho i have paid for hal 7


hello i love my hal but have troubles getting the program to start,   i have used it for couple years no problem but now it will not load due to unknown server error. i have made sure that it is not blocked by the firewall. When I launch the program I get the thanks for using the trial period , when I click on verify it says the error message and to check credentials . i do not know what to do, i purchased hal 7 in 2018 and have been using iy trouble frre for couple years, then this just suddenly happened. please help

Are you able to login to your account on our website? If you visit you will see in the upper left hand corner a link that says "Sign In". If this is successful then your login to your Hal 7 product should be as well with the same credentials. If you forgot your password there is a password recovery link there as well.

Are you running Ultra Hal 7.0 or 7.5 beta? Did you try completely closing Hal (using the exit function in its menu) and relaunching it? Possible restarting your computer?

thank you for responding, yes i can log in to to my account/ i shall try to re install and let you know, but i shall not have access to my computer for a bit so it may take time, will let you know. thank you again


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