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The 3rd Generation Enhanced Chat Brain


I'm getting problems when installing the 3rd generation enhanced chat brain over the free version of Ultra Hal Assistant 4. Actually, I installed it over version 3 with no problems, but it seems to have the following error:

>>Error 76
>>Path not found
>>Ocurred at line 17
>>in Ultra-Hal Plug-in Installer: Form1.Form_Load

Did someone forget to update the installation file for the new version's path under Zabaware's folder?

Thank you.

The current enhanced chat brain only installs under Ultra Hal Assistant 3.0. Don Ferguson has created and sent me a new version of his Enhanced Chat Brain. A new installation program is being made right now that will install the Enhanced Chat Brain under both Ultra Hal Assistant 3.0 and 4.0. It will be posted later today.

Thanks! :)

I've been unable to download the enhanced brain with version 4.0. I assumed
the reason was because the default brain in the free version 4.0 download is
the enhanced brain. Guess I'm wrong? I did receive the same error as original
poster did. bob


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