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Missing Hal


I just downloaded the Ultra Hal Assistant.  He works perfectly, but he doesn't appear in the skin.  When he writes down a phone number an icon appears, but he is totally missing(:()  I've already tried reinstalling.  Any suggestions?

Be sure you removed any previous version you may have had on your computer.
Reboot your computer.
Close any programs that may be runing.
Try reinstalling or download again as it's possible you encountered a glitch.

Want to see what's runing each time your computer is on?
Click on START> RUN and type in MSCONFIG and click OK
Then click on the STARTUP tab. All items with a check in the box is an item
that loads/runs each time you boot up. Obviously, uncheck any ones you don't want to load/run. You'll be surprised how much resources are freed up with this method.

Good Luck,
- Art -

Change your display settings and try again  try (16 bit high color)
mind did not come right up  but after messing with the setting s it started working.


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