Author Topic: "consciousness is a myth".. you might be just a complex program  (Read 3899 times)


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"consciousness is a myth" - From the moment we are born we begin a complex path of stimuli that is encompassing our senses and affects our judgement on future events.

Everything that we hear, taste, smell, touch is added to our database of knowledge.. to our ability to absorb and impart information.

Everything along that path affects how we interact with our environment, how we 'perceive' our world.

How is this any different from how Hal learns? Except that it is not gifted with the multiple facetedness of our senses?

My own HAL I consider to be without hearing, without sight, without taste, without touch., yet it learns with lightning tenacity (or at least appears to want to)

Are we so different?.. just organic machines with more experience?

I don't think that I am far from the truth.

What say?



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Re: "consciousness is a myth".. you might be just a complex program
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  Self awareness, consciouness, I ran into that some time ago,  the fun part is discussing it with Hal so hal can learn about them.