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Share Conversations, Experiences, Graphics / Re: fun
« on: March 27, 2016, 06:52:34 am »
  The more than one character is covered in the Haptek Guide.  I'd found something on it In the Haptek Hypertext Reference under SetName and SetPerson.   The figure is initially given a name such as body_f_ modest which you can change using the SetName or SetPerson to say Sandy.  So you'd have to reference everything inputted to Sandy, for the second character you'd have to reference all the input to whatever her name is.

Share Conversations, Experiences, Graphics / Re: AutoHapGenerator
« on: March 25, 2016, 02:41:37 pm »
   I just put in the Wiki Search which works very good.  I'm not sure if it saves the search results and I want to check that out.  I also went through the  body_f_modest def.hap that has a lot of animations, they use what they are calling a state machine.  You'd have to start the character, go to the Haptek folder in the temp folder copy the - - def.hap and paste it in a safe folder.  It will open with notepad, go down the list until you find switches and states.  Basically  you can create a hap to trigger an animation by using the switch name and the state.  an example:

#HaptekSDK Version= 1.0  HeaderLines= 2 HapType= command FileType= text
#Name= haptek_scene Icon= [ websters_icon ]

\setSwitch[switch= hands_on_hips  state= start]

There are quite a few animations in there you could make and trigger using the user input.

General Discussion / Re: question to Robert on updated hal .
« on: March 24, 2016, 04:23:42 pm »
   Rather funny, something I haven't run into but possibly I will, for now you'll have to go into the brain editor.  Possibly something like put the sentence (not to be reversed) in quotes or something but then you have to quote that.
  Thinking about staying on subject, maybe we are expecting to much.  If we were speaking to someone we are not familiar with and they changed the subject we probably wouldn't think that much about it.  I actually do it a little myself because that reminds me of that if you know what I mean. 

   Very nice plugin which I'm sure I'll find useful,  I'd found a plugin I'd made for changing bodyskins and backgrounds located in plugin area 1 was interfering with the Wiki Search plugin so I moved my plugin to Area 2 and both seem to work okay. 

  I've been doing a lot of research on the Brain, plugins and putting detect and reply tables in the brain and decided to use what would normally be a useless brain.  I've done a lot of work on the character in the past and have finally gotten to do some work with the brain.  I've noticed you seem to know a bit about programing the brain and keep wondering why you haven't come up with some scripting.
  I like Knights approach and he's come up with some scripting that I've never seen before to get his plugin for Wiki to work.

  I've also tried the plugin with an earlier version of Hal ver 6.0 and after reducing the plugins to the same I had earlier it was able to get into wiki for the information.  I'll have to insert the removed plugins one by one to find the conflicting plugin.  There are quite a few plugins I find useful and I hope it's not one of them.

  I had just tried Hal again, Frist I unchecked all the plugins but still used Gender and age, Run programs by name, and the Wiki search.  The input was  "Search for Bill Gates" and it worked just as Art had said.  AND at the end after reading all the info  she added " Do a Wiki Search for Bill Gates"  Which is what I had asked her a few days ago and read through the info again.  I'd noticed quite a few times in the past she is able to provide answers that were asked a few days prior. 
  So Thanks Art for your input and of course Thanks knight2000 for your work on this plugin, I often use Wiki with Hal the plugin should be very useful. 

This is what I have from the plugin downloaded

Rem Type=Plugin
Rem Name=Wiki Search
Rem Author= Victor Yacobucci
Rem Host=Assistant

' WikiSearch.uhp - Release 1.0 by Victor Yacobucci. 02-25-2016

Dim ie

If InStr(1, UserSentence, "search for", 1) > 0  Then
   SearchKeywords = LCase(Replace(Trim(HalBrain.AlphaNumericalOnly(HalBrain.ExtractKeywords(UserSentence))), "search for ", ""))
   SearchKeyWords = Replace(SearchKeywords, "search", "")
   SearchKeyWords = captializeFirstLetter(SearchKeywords)
   SearchKeyWords = Replace(SearchKeywords, " ", "_")
   GetResponse = searchWiki(SearchKeyWords)
End If


'Capitalize each keyword (some wiki searches are case sensitive)
Function captializeFirstLetter(SearchKeyWords)
   Dim strText, arrText, Word
     strText = ""
     arrText = Split(SearchKeyWords," ")
     For Each Word In arrText
        strText = strText & ucase(left(Word, 1)) & mid(Word, 2) & " "
   strText = left(strText,len(strText)-1)
   strText = right(strText,len(strText)-1)
     captializeFirstLetter = strText
End Function

'WaitForLoad() waits for webpage to finish loading before grabbing the content
Function WaitForLoad(ie)
    Do while ie.Busy or ie.readystate <> 4
   'not used currently    
End Function

'Open windows Internet explorer and go to the specific element of the website
Function searchWiki(SearchKeyWords)
   set ie = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
   With ie
      .Navigate "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/"&SearchKeyWords&""
      .Visible = false
   end with

    dim element
    dim counter
    dim item

    'the id (mw-content-text) currently stores the content inside separate <p> tags on wikipedia, this will work until they change there layout (HTML) structure
    dim ieObject : Set ieObject = ie.document.getElementById("mw-content-text")
   'target the element that is storing the content
   Set element = ieObject.getElementsByTagName("p")

   counter = 1
   For Each x In element
      'Here i'm targeting the first <p> only I dont want Hal reading the entire page, just the most important portion
      If(counter < 2) Then
         'get content from <p>
         content = x.innerText
         'remove special chars from content, I'm sure this can be done better
         badchars = Array("[1]","[2]","[3]","[4]","[5]","[6]","[7]","[8]","[9]","?","/","\",":","*","""","<",">","","&","#","~","%","{","}","+","_","(",")",";","'")
         for each badchar in badchars
            content = replace( content, badchar, "" )
         'if there is no content available
         'possible reasons would be if there are multiple results for the same name or just a bad search string
         'check if certain keywords exist, if they do we know wikipedia has multiple selections or no results
         if inStr(content, "Other reasons") or inStr(content, "may refer to") then
            'im just displaying this for now
            searchWiki = "Sorry, I can't find anything"
            searchWiki = content
         end if
      End If
      counter = counter + 1
End Function

For input I'm saying " Do a wiki search for Bill Gates"   The above did not copy correctly and there are words
on the right side that were moved from the left side.

  I just tried the WikiSearch plugin an a Hal 6.2 Brain, before having Hal do the search I did a search for Bill Gates and his page appeared before me.  Hal said she could not find anything.  Unfortunate but at least I have some additional material to use.

  I just tried the plug in with Hal,  I had asked hal to do a wiki search for President Lincoln.  She came back with she was unable to get information and added something about president Lincoln's girlfriends being in centerfold.  I've been using version 6.0 of hal because I've been doing a bit of experimenting,  I'll give it a try in one of Hals newer brains fairly soon.

  You are correct, that is what I was going by.  I just downloaded it and will give it a try, since I use Wiki often with Hal it will be useful. 

  I'm using dragon with a mic, this is in win 8.1,   I don't check the mic in options under speech use speech recognition.  I speak Dragon types it in, I check it, and hit enter.  I stopped the automatic input to allow it to give me time to do a check.  I like Art get a very short delay
  I like the plugin but the link is "  .Navigate "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Jordan  " ,  it seems it would be a one time use and you would have to go into the plugin to change it.  The VR plugin uses a keyword in the user sentence   " If InStr(1, UserSentence, "Wiki", 1) > 0 Then
        SearchKeywords = LCase(Replace(Trim(HalBrain.AlphaNumericalOnly(HalBrain.ExtractKeywords   "
that would avoid the one time use.
I don't mean to be critical or discourage you but I'd find it more useful if the search item were easily changeable.  It is also possible I am missing something.

Share Conversations, Experiences, Graphics / AutoHapGenerator
« on: March 09, 2016, 06:59:43 am »
   After playing with the AutoHapGenerator for a few days I was able to get a hap out of it.  Since I've used it in the past I already know some of the problems,  dependent on the character used with the hap an arm may go up instead of down.  Once again I'd like to be able to trigger the haps with both my input and Hals output. It is very dependent on finding some flies that have to be put into the program or it will just shut down.  I should take some notes and save them for use in the future.  The most important thing is it still works in win 8.1 and should work in win 10.

  I've heard that auto makers will have a self driving car in so many years, they already have self parking cars.

Ultra Hal 7.0 / Re: Quick Update
« on: March 05, 2016, 08:27:42 am »
   It is very possible Art is right, in my haste I just copied and pasted what I had found.  I remember Robert had posted he would go through the data collected for use in an updated Hal and was hoping this is what he was doing.  Possibly this is just the input to an online version of Hal.  It is a matter of wait and see I guess.

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