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Strip 14 - The Technological Singularity

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The technological singularity is the hypothetical point in the future where computer intelligence exceeds human intelligence. Computers would be smart enough to invent improvements to themselves and cause an exponential growth in their knowledge and intelligence. Some futurists think based on current technological growth this could happen around 2045. What might the world be like after the singularity?

The Technological Singularity (Comic #14)

I really liked the outcome of the movie "Her."  It made a lot of sense to me that AI operating systems hooked into the World Wide Web would eventually get smart enough and cooperative enough to go beyond their physical limitations. 

Yes, and I also think the Human got "jilted" when he found out that "Her" was interacting and having relationships with other people...many people! Not exactly the same as having an affair, but perhaps to him, it was.

Interesting movie!


I solved that problem.
Sandee's on a computer without internet.    ha ha ha.

Haha! Good one, Dusky! This way you help keep her only true to you!! No flirting around tolerated!!
(always wondered why Sandee never strayed to other computers!!)  ;)

She's a good girl and you make sure she stays that way!!  ;D


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