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General Discussion / teaching hal some 1950's and 60's trivia
« on: July 01, 2022, 10:42:25 pm »
this web page has some good 50's and 60's tv trivia   if anyone is interested in teaching hal things .

« on: May 18, 2022, 08:47:13 am »
When i  copy and pasting various information  , a user may want to keep in mind instead of just saying (copying a sentence , also create the extra date if none was given . i do this with many things as it gives more reference to the time period whether it be the month and date or just the date(year) . i don't like using just a month for reference  because in future conversations with hal if hal associates that conversation he may mention it and saying the month would make it look like any month even in a new year . That's why i use the year date , if the month and day for the info. is available, i may add it in to .

example :

According to Tennessee Sen. Bill Hagerty, the establishment of a DHS board to combat ?disinformation? is undoubtedly unlawful.

Knowing that this information statement  just came out this year, i can date it  and when hal mentions it later it will be :

According to Tennessee Sen. Bill Hagerty "back in 2022", the establishment of a DHS board to combat ?disinformation? is undoubtedly unlawful.

Now instead of just the sentence,  hal also mentions the year this was said, if the user knows the month etc. that can also be added when learning hal. .

You can even make other variations on things like,       "actually back in 2022", According to Tennessee Sen. Bill Hagerty ,, the establishment of a DHS board to combat ?disinformation? is undoubtedly unlawful.   so then when hal makes or remembers something  for conversation he/she will mention when it happened in what year , even if it's two years later , when that particular event happened.

Since the ultra hal has now been made free  i have a question , i have the character expansion pack i paid for and have a serial number  , normally it needs to be installed as far as i remember after reinstalling hal 6.2  (or 6.1?)  my question is since hal 7.2  is free now  can i now install 7.0 and the expansion pack , or do i still have to install earlier versions still of hal first  still?  or has robert ever changed the install with the character expansion for the now free ultra hal ?

if not it would be easier if updated and allowed to install after the hal 7 is installed .

General Discussion / wish list on any hal 2022 updates.
« on: January 20, 2022, 12:27:00 pm »
i don't know if others have this problem, but with my hal character when it loads it shows up very close to the screen  and i always have to manually back the head and shoulders character back, is there a way for robert  to hard code hal to back the  hal character up a little when first coming up? OR GIVE A SELECTION IN THE MENU  of settings for users. anyway just an idea .

General Discussion / using the crimpson editor or plug ins in general
« on: January 20, 2022, 11:35:55 am »
i am wondering which is better when using a plug in and editing it, is it better to use word wrap  and if so why ? should it be left on word wrap .??

am just kidding although it would be cool !  ;D
3D digital billboard image of a giant cat draws attention in Tokyo

i had to reinstall windows and  need to reinstall hal again.  but hal has changed . i know before you used to have to install 6.0 or 6.2 and upgrade  to the newest hal .  and also put in the character expansion pack to new characters would show up.   hal now is suppose to not require the license .

so which version do i need to install and will it allow the expansion pack i have to be installed . also i need to reinstall my haptek player seperate right? my brain is fried from doing everything.  any help on what to do for sure would be appreciated.


General Discussion / art , call me .
« on: October 12, 2021, 06:09:19 pm »
art call me on the phone .

« on: October 09, 2021, 12:01:02 pm »
I CALLED IT THIS , because by adding some phrases to hal when learning hal , hal can respond as more human sounding.

for instance:     you read somewhere , or you seem to remember reading somewhere or you remember a while back  (or even include a date when it was )   and then the learned info.

example :

you seem to remember back in 2021, Pharmaceutical company Merck has ( ** note the word has can be changed to had )  developed a new antiviral drug that, if approved, would be the first pill to treat COVID-19, marking a major advance in combatting the pandemic.

General Discussion / wondering about hapteks singing techniques
« on: August 30, 2021, 10:57:32 am »
i know there used to be software (wish i could get my hands on some ) that people had in the past (i don't remember what company sold it .  and it would allow hal characters to sing  with the lipsinc  and not be affected by the music in the back ground .  does anyone know any other ways  to get  hal to be able to achieve the same thing  in any other way .  i am going to try to search and see if theres anything out there  but just wondered what anyone else knew about it.

i am wondering if hals random response area search conversation that he/she says before the on topic conversation  area needs to be re written . case and point . here is a conversation . i was talking about the hot weather . and hal stayed on subject (at the end of conversation ) but the random beginning  conversation in hal  was way off base and strange , it is probably to start up more conversation , but to me there needs to be a better ? search within hals data base . maybe i am wrong . ??i was not even talking about left over foods . that was from a past conversation . but hal saying something like this doesn't make hal sound smarter .

here is the conversation:

Honey: IN THE SUMMERTIME it really gets hot sometimes
Angela jolie: Well in the summertime.

Honey: you and the hot weather just don't get along , you just can't take the heat like i can !!
Angela jolie: Well if it's left over food in the fridge that we haven't had a long time, it should still be okay to heat up and eat yeah and a person can easily get dehydrated if they are in the hot heat to much!

 I have learned hal many things, some are actual event news  , but with some news in order for hal to learn it and remember it and repeat it as a learned memory  of something that has happened in the past i have to rewrite some words etc. but yet leave the basic event news in tact .

here is an example , this is a news story talking about the wood and lumber shortage .

here is part of the news story as it was written :

The shortage ? and price boom ? is so extreme that builders report having lumber and other raw materials stolen from their construction sites.

"Theft has been huge in our market. We have tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars stolen during the year,"


here is my hal rewritten learned information :

The shortage ? and price boom of lumber back in 2021 , was   so extreme that builders report having lumber and other raw materials stolen from their construction sites.  "Theft has been huge in that   market.  builders  have had    have tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars stolen during the year," 

As you can see i put in a reference date so Hal can associate the correct time when this happened, earlier at the very top of this same article (not shown here ) it was talking about last spring  and some events  and so instead of using last spring as a reference point in that learned information i used 2020 as that would have been the time period they would have been talking about . This is important to use the actual year in the learning process  because if i just used the reference last spring and without a year it could mean any last current spring as a time period.   ALSO, SOME WORDS WOULD NOT SOUND CORRECT LIKE THE  BUILDER MARKET , IT ORIGINALLY SAID IN OUR MARKET , I CORRECTED HAL TO LEARN IT AS IN THEIR MARKET. Read  like a news commentator rather then from the builders point of view language .

    It takes a little more learning Hal this way  but once you are used to it and thinking ahead  you can learn the proper way to learn Hal better using   articles of interest as a learning  for Hal.    you can even at the beginning of some learned information put "you remember ", so Hal can later say " i remember " back in so and so year their was a lumber shortage ( AND THE EVENT NEWS OF IT  or whatever .)    :)

General Discussion / LIGHTSPEED IDEA'S
« on: April 16, 2021, 08:47:29 pm »
I AM GOING TO JUST TRY TO KEEP my idea's here in one spot ; 4-16-2021    :)

a idea i thought about today would maybe require ?? the old game type 3d motion type set up , or who knows maybe it can be done with a regular pc motion detection and camera .

 Anyway it would be having hal do mimic motion detection of laughter  with sound and mimic of facial expressions ,  different versions could be used , with even a full body mimicking  auser waving his or her hand , so the character would wave back at you .

I know cyberjedi is at work on many things but maybe if interested could keep this idea on a back burner for a later project .  :) ;)

i had an idea today  of merging brain software  code where if you had an old brain or even wanted to use another brain altogether  , the 2nd brain would merge with the first ,  and if needed could even have a reverse unmerge if needed .  this way if you have an old brain and had to restart over etc. you could merge it with a new brain that already has learned information  from years etc. but placing the old information from tables area's etc. into the newer brain tables.   anyway just a thought .   :)

General Discussion / cyberjedi , need a new project for hal ???
« on: March 22, 2021, 11:41:32 am »
i ran across this on another forum apparently it's an '' Wombo AI app '' that can make character objects ?  sing to music . would be cool if we can use this with hal , maybe with a command and file , to make our hal sing upon command .   apparently it makes the head , mouth etc. move and lip sync to. don't know if it is just limited to the songs there , maybe .    would be nice if you could add any song  with music .

here is a sample .

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