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The save function

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To be frank I do not know if I will return to that other forum. I do not forgive or let go of stuff easily.

sherry40 , sometimes it's a matter of realizing the mentality of people and yes many people youngger people don't respect much any more , just a partt of society unfortuneatly , sometimes you just have to overlook people . or at least try! I'm glad you are here , as far as chat bot's it's like i told Art one time , with Hal we have the best of both worlds , we have hal that can use the recources of pre written chat and also Hal learns to on his/her own along the way , a great combination in my view of things !  :) ;)

Yes... I'm responding to a thread that is 6 years old, because up until just recently, I was having this same problem... The SAVE option was always greyed out in the drop down menu, and the brain editor rarely ever asked me if I wanted to save my changes upon exiting - and even when it did ask, the changes rarely stayed in place.

Shut down Hal once you have opened the brain editor. As long as Hal is not running, the brain editor asks to save my changes every time I close it, and does so successfully.
If Hal is still running, saving any changes seems to be a craps shoot, at best.

I hope someone finds this useful.

Re: The save function

Great catch......
Typically a windows application cannot save a progi thats in use by another application.
In this case, i can see an issue here, the brain editor is its own application (Stand Alone) using the .db and UltraHal as well.
Nice snaggg

Not sure how you could get around that
TY for takin the time to address this issue

cyber jedi


From my personal experience, you can make changes to the Hal Default brain database or to your custom brain while HAL is running. If you have created a custom database or a well-trained brain you can use the Editor and make changes or additions while HAL is running. Exit the Brain Editor and your changes or additions should still be in that particular brain/database.

Although the SAVE button is grayed out, your changes, or (at least in my experience), changes will still be saved. It doesn't appear to matter and I've saved a lot of things for a lot of years in there... Just saying...

In the SQLite Studio, there is a small button that indicates, "Commit Changes", which is basically asking the user if they are willing to commit to saving any changes they might have made.

Perhaps Robert will weigh in on this Editor issue regarding the grayed-out SAVE button.

If you make or have made a Custom Brain/Database, don't expect to see every table of that brain/database if you use the Hal Brain Editor.

For some reason, it is great with using the original (Default) database but custom ones are better viewed/used with the SQLite Studio program.
While it will take a minute or two to finally load in, it will load all your tables so be patient, even if you see that "Not Responding" message at the top. Give it another few moments and it will finally display everything for you.

Good luck!


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