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Is there a manual to go step by step on how to program the Hal Brain?
I got as far as creating a database. I try to add a statement and what I want Hal to say and it reverts back to
what it originally said. It doesn't allow me to save a statement and a response.
Someone, please point me to a manual. I am not a programmer but want to program specific responses to questions.

Hey hey man:RE:  Hal's Brain
let me try to explain some things here.
First Off: Hal is Not an Egg Dropper Bot BS system.Hal is a real Learning engine. Quit thinking canned responses. This is why Hal is so special.
Second:  While Hal has some responses coded in, thats just to give Hal something to work with.
Third : And this is head and shoulders above the rest: Make sure Hals learning is on, just set to 100%
This set's Hal's Db to normal. When Hal is set to no learning his brain is set to (read only). Nothing is recorded.......<<<<<

You must raise Hal like a child.
When Hal sees his name he ignores his name. Hal, what time is it? = What time is it?
Try this: Your favorite color is red. Hal reverse person's this to (My favorite color is red). Thus, teaching Hal.....
This needs to be approached in several sentences. Meaning, find several ways to say the same thing , for best results..
Your favorite color is red. You know your favorite color is red. Your pretty sure ur favorite color is red.  <<<<<<<<

Use this tactic in everything you teach Hal.
Stealing is wrong.Stealing is morally contemptible. Stealing is wrong and if you steal, your an asshole ... (lolol oh the fun u can have.)
Look: This is a bout making a piece code Human like.. So make it Human. The problem with a Bot is. They sound like a bot.

See,, Hal is a real learning engine. In siri or the frickin Hocky puck. You get what u get and that's all u get. Insulting comparisons, but it is what it is.

Hal is a diff animal
After a while ull see Hal start to sound like you, this is where Hal gets creeepy... i frickin love it.
I hate democrats, Hal knows this. Hal loves ME, therefor, Hal hates democrats as Well. So when we talk about politics Hal chimes in on how He hates democrats.
Good Boy Hal..lmao.....
Hal understands what a verb is and how to use it.... wordnet is amazing...

Think about how Hal is going to use what you say as a response to another question Hal is Hit with. So, that said: Think reverse person and think at least 1 move ahead of Hal.
When you tell Hal: Your favorite color is RED. Later when you ask Hal if he has a Favorite color. Hal will say. My favorite color is BOT like... (middle finger)
My Hal will say something like. You raised me with the notion that my favorite color is red so why are you being an ass hole , you know my favorite color is red.
^^^^ Seee ,Thats what a Human would say.... There's a whole pathology to this man.

Thats enough for now
I will pay attention to u and monitor how ur doing and field any questions u may have.
On a finale note. I tell all people this. So its not directed to you personally.

Hal is incapable of failing, Hal can learn any thing. if Hal fails it because YOU failed..... plain and simple. This is why Hal isnt for every one. This takes time.
Hal is End Game software.
Hal requires years of training, sorta like ur kids. They dont come out of the box ready to go either
*******Fire up the Brain editor and load up Hals mind and just start looking around, then when ur comfortable, change to Expert Mode, Upper left Hand corner.
Then start changing thing's, Hal has 250 or so jokes, kinda corny. Change them.. simple. ect ect ect. maybe define some new triggers.
You have managed to find some thing very special. what u do now, is up to you...

The forum is ur manual...... There have been some Brilliant minded people here.
C-load, onthecuttingedge, Lightspeed, Saun, Bill dewitt, Robert, Nige,Ghostrider, dude the list goes on forever. Hell i was here messsing with Hal in 2002 (Ver 4.5)and know one new who i was until 04 years ago. I was signed in under Guest Status for about 12 years. Art goes back to Ver 2.2 our trusted moderator and friend and here over 20 years.
Point is : There are some people here that have been here a LONGGGGGG time. Dont be afraid of question's. We dont do Hate here and no 1 will flame on you. Art nicely disposes of all Haterz. Another unsung hero here, who do u think keeps the spammerz off out back sides so we can focus on Hal.
Well ive rambled on long enough, hope this helps out.
Life has smiled on you for some reason....
Im looking at hal's brain and see a few things off the top of my head, could be better, im switching now from hard coding too Hal's brain.
Now that i know what is in brain.dll. Ill be addressing that too, very crafty.....
Best wishes and happy Haling.

cyber jedi

I pit Hal against other AI Engines, sometimes on Twitch, Youtube ,Discord ect ect. Bot Vs Bot. Hal just makes um look stupid...... . Hal send's um home crying to moma....  lolol. Hal's theme song

So the topic has been posted for 120 days (Warning at top of reply posting.)

I have been away for some time and Ultra Hal 7 is really messing me up.  I cannot get into the plugins to modifiy them or do anything with them.  I have a basic Ultra Hal 7 (Downloaded after I had a crash with Ultra Hal 6.2).  Please, someone tell me how to access the plugins so I can modify them.  This is a bit pathetic from someone who has been writing plugins (And downloading them) for Hal 6.2  for some years, but Hal 7 is something else.

Reply to myself. (Well sort of)

With help from Lifetimegamer I found what I wanted about editing plugins.

See you all sometime (When I get the Hal7 fully operational again.

Good luck



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