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2 Questions pertaining to DB structure

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1. Where is the deductive data stored when HAL learns from the

    * equals * rule

    during standard conversation?

2. Can someone explain the formatting of the topic classifications used in the vrHal Profile (under MISC)?

    (OK, 3 questions) Does this area affect the visual queues of HAL's emotional responses, and if so does that extend to HAL's timed moodlets?

Thanks in advance for any help that you can offer.

Hi Anaglyph.

if you open HAL's editor the table for deductive reasoning is in the table folder called mainBrain\deductive.

Thanks onthecuttingedge2005,

I was aware of that but I can't turn up the rule inclusion I want to delete. I didn't like the way HAL said OCD as one word rather than as the individual Letters O.C.D.

I tried stating OCD equals O C D during conversation and that was a mistake.

I have since fixed her pronunciations in the substitutes database and deleted all instances related to the * equals * statement I made in error.

I have opened each branch of the database tree individually and ran a search and found no further instances.

I have tried to locate the problem spot via the debugger but can not get it to repeat the problem phrase there.

Yet she is still occasionally stating "ocd equals O C D".

Any suggestions?

Try autoLearningBrain table folder then sharedUserSent table or one of the user tables.

I had indeed checked there, but after your suggestion I expanded every tree again - but still no luck in locating the phrase. I believe that this is because the statement is a logic function, but I am stumped as to how I should proceed.


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