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I bought Zabaware reader bundled with AT&T voices mike16 and crystal16. From what I understood these voices should also be available for other programs. However, I can't use them with VoxATC. Whatever the text, the only sentence mike16 and crytal16 say is "Voice required equals name equals mike16" (or the same with "crystal16", depending on the selected voice). Other voices work properly with VoxATC. Other people having bought these same voices from Nextup don't have any problem. Any idea of what is happening here?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


According to the VoxATC website, ANY SAPI compatible TTS voice should be able to work fine with the program.

I don't know why you are having problems with this. Perhaps Robert Medeksza could chime in.

Otherwise, you might be able to contact someone at the VoxATC website or contact someone from a
Youtube video regarding this. Here is one:

Good Luck!

Thank you, I will check the link. I sent a message to VoxATC a week ago, but got no answer yet.


I got no answer from VoxATC, but was told by another user that the AT&T Natural Voices he bought at NextUp were working. I thus finally decided to try, and bought AT&T Mel at NextUp. The voice works! The difference is Mel is a version 1.4 voice, while Mike & Crystal bought here are 5.1. I saw in a previous post that people having bought 1.4 voices could download version 5.1 for free.

Inversely, is it possible to get 1.4 after having bought 5.1?

Thank you.

Kind regards,



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