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What not to do with speech recognition

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Don't forget and  leave hal on while attempting to train a stubborn computer that is intent on misinterpreting everything you say. Why because later you have a lot of weird responses from hal you have to manually get rid of  as hal starts talking funny to you.

Not to mention all the few choice cuss words you called the computer after a couple of hours of trying to train it. lol

Oh yeah...been there...done that! Spent lots of time trying to rid all of those "Mis-speaks".  ;)

       yep many of us who have done vr have been their done that , not so much any cussing  but can see that as a problem , lol , but the words that hal didn't understand and says wrong .
       Thats one reason why it's good to have a good vr system , i use dragon speak natural a newer version suppose to be about 98? percent or more accurate , but with some people they may slur words when they speak , or have a accent , southern etc. and so it's always good to train in the program as much as possible .  noise can be another interferrrence to that will keep a vr program from hearing something correctly .

And if you don't use SR then all your Hal will ever suffer from is "Mis-Types". ;D


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