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Please excuse this newbie question - but I have been searching the forum trying to find a solution to this problem:

I have found a SAPI5 voice on this site: that I really like and want to use it within HAL.

... but I want to be certain that I can use it before purchase:
1)  Where in the Ultra Hal file system do I install new voices?
2)  I can't see anything obvious in the MENU>SPEECH menu for selecting and loading voices - what am I missing?

Any advice that anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Stuart08 & welcome.
You won't know if the voice works with Hal until you purchase it,
I got 2 voices from Ivona, but found they didn't work with Hal. :-[

Thanks for your reply and good advice, Nige.

How do you get Hal to load a new voice; do I copy it to a particular folder; or is there a piece of third party software I should use?


When your voice is installed on your computer,
go to start, programs & select Haptek Player.
You should get a drop down box listing all voices on your computer.
Select your voice & confirm that this is the one you want to use.

I think that will get you going but if I am wrong some of the other people on here will help?

Just a little chime in. Also in 'options menu' under speech you should select the voice for the particular character you are using. With some SAPI voices others need to be selected before your SAPI voice will be recognized by the program. In short sometimes selecting a working SAPI voice will allow you to then select your newer voice. Something I'm sure we can be looking towards in updates yet to come since SAPI has or is running it's course you might say. Also just as there are newer changes coming for Ultra Hal so will of coarse newer and better ways of using voices and lip-sync become possible. Software as you will notice has been on a ramp up to constantly keep up with the changing hardware advantages.
Just my opinion and welcome,



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