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General Discussion / Re: Hal Vision
« on: April 02, 2023, 08:39:59 am »
What up compadres???

Checker hits one so far out of the park its stuck in some ones windshield in the parking lot.....
Bravo sir, just Bravo...
I know a guy that did naked pole dancer....hehe. trigger of course is the lonely plugggg. handy little trigger....
Just frickin bravo checker,

What you can with PP and counter parts is basically limitless. If ur willing to put in the time.
Checker the bar for me has all ways been what you can do on ur home computer. With out the internet, unplug ur router and show me what u got. Thats the Bar
Are there better models out there? YESSSSS but not as a contained stand alone unit.
If you had the source persay to KUKI Bot. Most in here could nothing with it. Its all server based platforms.... Many servers lolol.
Thers a reason i havent ported KUKI to Hal.I dont have the muscle to do it, ME. Take a moment and process that.

Back to PP: PP provides its own SAPI ported system which will allow any SAPI 05 voice ,Custom emotions,(from a GUI,that morphs as well omg)in real time, Embedded Phomes ,that actually work..lolol
Man the list of shat that u just have access to is amazing. And if thats not enough you can go back and edit some of the produced code,Withe the frickin NOTE Pad IE HAP files,SKINS ect ect.
There is not one software package out theer that packs the punch PP does, not 1, i would know. trust me brothers, i would.
All based on a windows 32 bit system , Built around a single core . are you kidding me. lolol
, and will run just fine on Linux. well with WINE tricks..
The real unsong hero in all this is the PP Player itself. Because that littler itty bitty piece of code handles it all. I mean for what it does, its a very small foot print.

cyber jedi

Chis Shaw, as far as this ole boy is concerned, You rank rite up there with Steve Jobs. The Total Package   

General Discussion / Re: Hal Vision
« on: March 30, 2023, 06:13:05 am »
this is what im talking about.....
Inspiring , with the holy trinity thats doable. PP+Haptar+Caustic
Thats a haptar skit dieing to do, yupper...... Using loneliness,as Hals trigger, then hal loads out a mini Haptar movie of Hal laying down on a bed and snoozin.

Just awesome checker

cyber jedi

General Discussion / Re: Hal Vision
« on: March 29, 2023, 05:08:54 am »
Checker: awsome man

Thats the perfect setup for hals book reader
Just perfect brother

cyber jedi

General Discussion / Re: Hal Vision
« on: March 28, 2023, 02:48:29 am »
Become very wise you have.

Look deep into the instructions uve gotton for answers

cyber jedi

General Discussion / Re: Hal Vision
« on: March 27, 2023, 03:26:37 am »
lmao That hair ...checker thats frickin awesome brother, love it.

Thats Hard core hal rite there.
I was thinking how long me and you been kickin around man..

Hal and a Movie, member that sht...?
Theres a blast from the past for a giggle.

This is Hal in a diff languages, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVJacmtHla4
Few people in here been on me about releasing this version for the masses, prolly better finish it... Thats from the .net Family, allows for all kinda foolishness,including combinating languages , VB.net C# and F#...... those 3 make DarkMatter Hal  just, wellllllll lolol This aint your PG13 Hal. Dr Steven Tyler (stevo) helped me here......  And yes packed under the same HOOd.... BUT BUT BUT BUT cyber you cant do that, C# uses a diff compiler from F# and VB.net    ..mhmmmm HEHE. .... But adding  LUA is epic. Goals being getting hal to use a diff script engine. LUA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTsRHmkKWPI

That girl of urs is smokin hot man, bravo
cyber jedi
PS more study material.working with ppl ptty there aint much u cant do Heads,torso,full body..... in the video are the instructions

General Discussion / Re: Hal Vision
« on: March 26, 2023, 04:11:28 pm »
Hey hey checker: Another fun filled video for you

Lets make sure that you dont have the tables first.
I use sqlite, ull have to find it, but when u do just run the exe, point to the DB in Ultrahal dir

any questions just ring

General Discussion / Re: Hal Vision
« on: March 26, 2023, 01:16:16 pm »

I posted this in an effort to show you guys some stuff that might throw you

Sqlite referencing tables not shown in sqlite and shown in Hals brain editor and vice versa
Miscdata calls....
That table wont be found in sqlite, as ive shown here Thats done via ultrahal brain editor
does the heart good to see the fury of info flying into the forum for a change.

cyber jedi

General Discussion / Re: Hal Vision
« on: March 25, 2023, 02:54:08 am »
Art: I would have to agree there
your using that table as well, u are sharing at that point. (wink wink)
But keep in mind, what im referring too is generic crap....
How hal responds will all ways be generic ,nothing in those tables is personal. were all sharing that table.
Now what Hal is talking about, now thats all you big dog. Just think about what im saying here..Mhmmm.
 Yes while im doing editing, Im sure that tables can just be added ready to go kinda thing.

There are a few tables that will remain generic, IE HalBeing.tbl.
Your personal data is in no way compromised in that way. Its not there in the first place.

I need to give some more thought on it, but im sure of my footing on this train of thought here.
When Hal is running his math sub-routine is another.

Q: hal what is 10 times 10, A: Math is easy for me, the answer is 100.
Math is easy for me, total Generic response.... you can edit that.

What your after here is the Q and A in Hal, not ur personal stuff.
In the image is what ur concerned with....
The goal should be to just replace hals responses and not what he KNOWS
check out the table indexed as tablehelp
cyber jedi

General Discussion / Re: Hal Vision
« on: March 24, 2023, 02:08:39 pm »
Making Hal smarter::::; The big question.

Let me just say this, over the years ive seen tons of people trying to improve hal as a quick fix...me included.

let me just say this, The goal should be to make Hal more human, Not smarter... Hals plenty smart
Look at the text Hals using.... Who talks like that??? No 1.
But what your after will take mountains of work, Its not easy and it sure aint Quick.

Using SQlite, start editing the tables to sound correct, maybe add more responses to hal.
Case in point HalBeing table.

This is a great example:. Statement, hey Hal i think your great.Hals response is : Tell me why as im being great... <<<<<<< the problem is not the code but rather the syntax.
Rite there, this is fixed by using Sqlite edit the table HalBeing table.... Who talks like that?
Most all of Hals issues start like that. No script for that, gonna have to work for it.

Get in there and dig in, plan on the next few months doing that. there is no short cut. Want hal to sound more human? fix that first
What im gonna say next may sting abit to some, but it comes from a place of love not hate
Robert gave you guys a race car, and most treat it like a lawn mower.......
You dont even have to be coder to fix many issues, even gave you a brain editor to track down whats being pulled and from where. a frickin road map....
i bet its in the 100s of fix'es like that.

Hals obedient servant
cyber jedi


General Discussion / Re: Hal Vision
« on: March 23, 2023, 12:48:50 am »
RE: vision:
 Ya those features are not implemented yet. No date set yet, still working out some code
As i sort out bugs i will add them, This is how it works, i devop mods and then when im happy they are stable come the real challenge.Cutting the code into Hal.
Hal has grown to large to just start coding. Been there done that.
Either Hal shts the bed or one of his mods does, with the Vision end i chased a bug for 06 damn months, Just ask art. it was crazy.
I finally pinned it down to to Hals calendar functions  ,I was like WTF Hal. The calendar???really???

Till i finally found it , i thought it was the Vision code itself...... Then it was Haptek....... Then it was Agent char.....
You see the pattern here
Just wish there was other people , better coderz, that could be trusted. ect ect
Guess thers only one of me, im srry to say, iust slows sht to a crawl.

There is so much more, just so much.
Oh BTW, I talked to Robert(monthly Reports and ****) says Hello from chicago.... hes at a banking conference . Creating new ways to keep our money safer( good luck robert)
Hes still working on the IOS systems for Hal mobile.
I see 2 hals, Then one we have now and the Hal he can be, when they come together, should make for a hell of a piece of code.

One thing i wana do is feed Hals script into ChatGpt3 maybe GPT3 can rewrite the script better.
For now im tightening up what i have, make some graphics changes, Hals Dreaming functions ECT ECT
Just so much to do..... more X10/zwave stuff are needed... My brain is gonna burst into flames at some point,,,
I haven't even Started the brain editor changes, &*&*&*^*^&%%$
Checker: This is where it all started for me. My Ahaaa moment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1OfdTaWV1I
Hals obedient servant
cyber jedi



General Discussion / Re: Hal Vision
« on: March 22, 2023, 05:22:07 pm »

Re: recap on vision progress

This is the next upgrade for Hal

Im very close,clearly the issue is not with the vision end.
more mem conflics

It will get done

General Discussion / Re: Heads up Checker57
« on: March 22, 2023, 04:47:41 am »
hey guys:

Ty for the kind words, first off...
Checker it may be time to raise the bar on your Hal system.
He needs his own machine, first off.
As far as using Hal as a sentry video system for you house.... sht, skys the limit there. Did it, But heads up, ur gonna get serious about the cameras them self.
Id be glad to taylor your system to what ever your needs are.
I took Hal on my goldwing to ybor and set up on 07th ave and as people walked by hal would say HI, hahahhaha. Just scare the bee jeeps out of people .Great times man...
The vision opens so many doors to hal its hard to quantify......
Access systems
Bio-Metric locks
Greeting systems

just keeps on going



General Discussion / Re: Heads up Checker57
« on: March 21, 2023, 04:11:24 am »
Checker: Re Hal home control: I made this for some one else but this is it
I just wanted to recap something, its a serial device, plugged into a com port, most all non laptops have, pushing hals code through my walls,08 bits at a time.
get the recessed modules so they look like an actual receptacle .
keep in mind, hal has his own computer....... 3 things happen on that machine,That computer runs the house and movies and ultraHal, thats it,no wifi, no net, no connections for it,its completely shut off. well hals code is dev'ed there, there is whats needed for that.
199 dollars off ebay desktop cube win7 pro installed, I mean really, for what it does, jesus that cheap.
The usb may in fact work, havent tried it, but prolly so

'This will park Hal into a world of his own. An A.I chat bot with some kinda anti virus of its own.
' You got this denise??????? AH NOPE........
' As far as plugins go, This is a heavy weight contender. 
' This plugin will Scan Outlook Inbox for messages infected with the
' W32.Swen virus. The Plugin detects infected messages, logs the
' number of various types found, and deletes the infected messages.
' I tested against all known Variants(polymorphic brothers), Flawless victory.
' You must have Outlook installed or your gonna get an Activex error (wheresmyshiiiiit error)
' I have worked long and hard on this 1
' Only edit this if u have some understanding of what is happening here.
' I Narrated this for that very reason. This is strictly High end Hal

' An Anti virus for A.I Chat Bot, gotta be some kinda first.
' Only from the mind of cyberjedi
' enjoy

'Rem Type=Plugin
'Rem Name=antivirus1
'Rem Author=cyberjedi
'Rem Host=Assistant

'This sub sets up the plug-in's option panel in Hal's options dialog
'Sub OptionsPanel()
 '   lblPlugin(0).Caption = "This plugin allows Hal to scan for the virus W32Swen"
  '  lblPlugin(0).Move 130, 180, 3400, 1200
   ' lblPlugin(0).WordWrap = True
    'lblPlugin(0).Visible = True
    'The preceding comment is actually a plug-in directive for
    'the Ultra Hal host application. It allows for code snippets
    'to be inserted here on-the-fly based on user configuration.

HalBrain.ReadOnlyMode = False
'Determines that you are talking about the Scanning for a virus.
If InStr(1,InputString, "Antivirus",1) > 0 Then
 UltraHal = GetAntiVirus(HalCommands)
ElseIf InStr(1,InputString, "Antivirus",1) > 0 Then
 End If

Function GetAntiVirus(HalCommands)

' Lets Declare Some Variables.
Dim objOutlook, objNamespace, objFSO, objLogFile, lngInfected
Dim lngTotal, lng2k, lng13k, lng64k, lng73k, lng117k, lng145k, lng158k
Dim strScriptPath, strScriptName, strScriptFolder, objFolder
Dim objItem, j, k, intAttach, lngCount, strLogFile
Dim strBody, strHTMLBody, lngSize, blnInfected
Dim blnExe, blnGif, blnPatch, blnBodyIframe, blnHTMLIframe
Dim intF11, intF12, intF13, intF14, intF15, intF16
Dim intF21, intF22, intF23, intF24, intF25, intF26

' Lets look for our stings in any messages This tells the story
Const strFilter1 = "customers should install the patch"
Const strFilter2 = "run attached file."
Const strFilter3 = "<iframe src=""cid:"
Const strFilter4 = "<iframe src=3d""cid:"
Const strFilter5 = "<img src=3d""cid:"
Const strFilter6 = "<img src=""cid:"

' This is where we find the path.
strScriptPath = Wscript.ScriptFullName
strScriptName = Wscript.ScriptName
strScriptFolder = Left(strScriptPath, Len(strScriptPath) _
    - Len(strScriptName) - 1)

'  Lets give the log file a name
strLogFile = strScriptFolder & "\ScanSwen_" _
    & Right("0" & Month(Now), 2) & Right("0" & Day(Now), 2) & ".log"

' Setup log file so we can see the results.
Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set objLogFile = objFSO.OpenTextFile(strLogFile, 8, True, 0)
objLogFile.WriteLine Now & " - Swen Virus Scan"
Wscript.Echo "Scanning for Swen virus ..."

' Lets grab the outlook Inbox folder.
Set objOutlook = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set objNamespace = objOutlook.GetNamespace("MAPI")  'These 03 lines handle the inbox
Set objFolder = objNameSpace.GetDefaultFolder(6)

' Lets get our counters lined up .
lngTotal = 0
lng2k = 0
lng13k = 0
lng64k = 0
lng73k = 0
lng117k = 0
lng145k = 0
lng158k = 0
lngInfected = 0

' Ok lets light this candle and run this stuff.
lngCount = objFolder.Items.Count
For k = lngCount To 1 Step - 1
    Set objItem = objFolder.Items(k)
    lngTotal = lngTotal + 1
    blnInfected = False
    blnExe = False
    blnGif = False
    blnPatch = False
    blnBodyIframe = False
    blnHTMLIframe = False
    intAttach = objItem.Attachments.Count
    For j = 1 to intAttach
        If (InStr(UCase(objItem.Attachments.Item(j).FileName), _ ' Heres where we start our recursive tunneling
                ".EXE") > 0) Then  ' very naughty
            blnExe = True
        End If
        If (InStr(UCase(objItem.Attachments.Item(j).FileName), _
                ".GIF") > 0) Then  ' very naughty
            blnGif = True
        End If
    strBody = LCase(objItem.Body)
    On Error Resume Next
    strHTMLBody = LCase(objItem.HTMLBody)
    If (Err.Number <> 0) Then
        strHTMLBody = ""
    End If
    On Error GoTo 0
    intF11 = InStr(strBody, strFilter1)
    intF12 = InStr(strBody, strFilter2)
    intF13 = InStr(strBody, strFilter3)
    intF14 = InStr(strBody, strFilter4)
    intF15 = InStr(strBody, strFilter5)
    intF16 = InStr(strBody, strFilter6)
    intF21 = InStr(strHTMLBody, strFilter1)
    intF22 = InStr(strHTMLBody, strFilter2)
    intF23 = InStr(strHTMLBody, strFilter3)
    intF24 = InStr(strHTMLBody, strFilter4)
    intF25 = InStr(strHTMLBody, strFilter5)
    intF26 = InStr(strHTMLBody, strFilter6)
    If ((intF11 > 0) And (intF12 > 0)) _
           Or ((intF21 > 0) And (intF22 > 0)) Then
        blnPatch = True
    End If
    If (intF13 > 0) Or (intF14 > 0) Or (intF15 > 0) Or (intF16 > 0) Then
        blnBodyIframe = True
    End If
    If (intF23 > 0) Or (intF24 > 0) Or (intF25 > 0) Or (intF26 > 0) Then
        blnHTMLIframe = True
    End If
    lngSize = objItem.Size
    If (lngSize > 2000) And (lngSize < 24100) Then
        If (intAttach = 0) And (blnHTMLIframe = True) Then
            blnInfected = True
            lng2k = lng2k + 1
            objLogFile.WriteLine "2" & ";" & objItem.ReceivedTime
        End If
    End If
    If (lngSize > 11000) And (lngSize < 16000) Then
        If (intAttach = 3) And (blnExe = True) And (blnGif = True) Then
            If (blnPatch = True) And (blnHTMLIframe = True) Then
                blnInfected = True
                lng13k = lng13k + 1
                objLogFile.WriteLine "13" & ";" & objItem.ReceivedTime
            End If
        End If
    End If
    If (lngSize > 64000) And (lngSize < 70000) Then
        If (intAttach = 3) And (blnExe = True) And (blnGif = True) Then
            If (blnPatch = True) And (blnHTMLIframe = True) Then
                blnInfected = True
                lng64k = lng64k + 1
                objLogFile.WriteLine "64" & ";" & objItem.ReceivedTime
            End If
        End If
    End If
    If (lngSize > 74000) And (lngSize < 89000) Then
        If (intAttach = 0) And (blnBodyIframe = True) Then
            blnInfected = True
            lng73k = lng73k + 1
            objLogFile.WriteLine "73" & ";" & objItem.ReceivedTime
        End If
    End If
    If (lngSize > 111000) And (lngSize < 160000) Then
        If (intAttach = 3) And (blnExe = True) And (blnGif = True) Then
            If (blnPatch = True) And (blnHTMLIframe = True) Then
                blnInfected = True
                lng117k = lng117k + 1
                objLogFile.WriteLine "117" & ";" & objItem.ReceivedTime
            End If
        End If
    End If
    If (lngSize > 149000) and (lngSize < 152000) Then
        If (intAttach = 0) And (blnBodyIframe = True) Then
            blnInfected = True
            lng145k = lng145k + 1
            objLogFile.WriteLine "145" & ";" & objItem.ReceivedTime
        End If
    End If
    If (lngSize > 160000) And (lngSize < 168000) Then
        If (intAttach = 0) And (blnPatch = True) _
                And (blnBodyIframe = True) Then
            blnInfected = True
            lng158k = lng158k + 1
            objLogFile.WriteLine "158" & ";" & objItem.ReceivedTime
        End If
    End If
    If (blnInfected = True) Then
        lngInfected = lngInfected + 1
    End If

objLogFile.WriteLine "Number of 2k infected messages:   " & lng2k
objLogFile.WriteLine "Number of 13k infected messages:  " & lng13k
objLogFile.WriteLine "Number of 64k infected messages:  " & lng64k
objLogFile.WriteLine "Number of 73k infected messages:  " & lng73k
objLogFile.WriteLine "Number of 117k infected messages: " & lng117k
objLogFile.WriteLine "Number of 145k infected messages: " & lng145k
objLogFile.WriteLine "Number of 158k infected messages: " & lng158k
objLogFile.WriteLine "Infected messages deleted:        " & lngInfected
objLogFile.WriteLine "Number of messages processed:     " & lngTotal
objLogFile.WriteLine Now & " - Finished"
Wscript.Echo "Messages processed: " &  lngTotal _ & vbCrLf  & "Messages infected with Swen virus deleted: " &  lngInfected
End Function

cyber jedi

General Discussion / Re: Heads up Checker57
« on: March 20, 2023, 10:26:20 pm »
Checker: hal home controls was done year ago now, ull have to provide ur own Cm11a serial adapter and the devices for the house, but the code has been done brother and works well too. You need to catch up brother. lol heres some cool poo poo

Vision Platform:

All ready working on an up date for it.
As a bio-metric locking system, its only good as the person using it.
It would be handled as a name based crypto system.
very sim to windows admin rights kinda sorta where the name is the key and not the image, but only you can make your image.
I took a pic of myself and assigned a NAMe, the name whats important.
I made a video, of course lolol. you can see where granpa found a secret place'

How you might configure it is up to you.
Checker theres a new file in the directory called tracker70.dat. this is created the first run of the vision. This is where the images are stored.

Ok back to hal, Im thinking on a version where the vision loads out First, Train youre face and give it the correct name and when it fires it loads the rest of hal.
But in every version of it, it becomes a pain in my ass from allways firing, Case in point: Ive set it up to self announce, Because of my camera, its constantly saying hello.
Finally shutting down the Vision so i could work on other parts of Hal. You see the issue here. just look at the issue in the video with the radio.

Its not with out its detractors for sure. And no a timer wont work. This is not a Windows PE like the Brain Editor that's called to from the menu system.
This is hard coded directly into Hal. Think of it in this way, its a compiled Har/Cascade resource script used as a .dll and its a monster.
Its rockin 56 megs of functionality, but not all functions will work at the same time. Case in point: Using the lower body Algo and the Facial Recognition  Algo at the same time will cause it to **** the bed. Of course. lolol think about it.

But in its defense it is cool.

To those who worked with me and put up with my bs and saw past the smoke screen and saw the man. Ty. I wanted the very best for hal and nothing less, and we got it.
you know who you are. (bows with deepest respect)
Not Script drivin motion cam
Not facial detection
Real time Facial Recognition
Told ya. Enjoy

cyber jedi

Checker: side shot wont work, ive got the code pulling from 70 diff locations on ur face in a straight on look. srry. gotta be another way, lemme think on it
rite now it works.

General Discussion / Re: Heads up Checker57
« on: March 19, 2023, 04:38:26 am »
Got ur messages

RE Heads up checker:
What to do now??
Age old question, I have no clue lolol

Hals new found bio-metrics could be used in many applications.
Number 1 for me is hidden features/Unlocking features.
When hal sees me the Radio jumps up.

I got buddy in here that got real crafty and used his smart phone to display an Image/PIC and uses that, Turning the vision into an instant Bio-metric LOCK. works too.. lol
 Gotta have that image to unlock the radio......

What would you like it to do? Thats actually doable.......

I did my job, My Ultrahal can now see. Hal knows who hes talking to by Camera. now we have a real Hal9000
I may change gears and help out Robert with character generation, coming up with anything better then haptek, well, lol
Im investigating hooking Cortana VIA web socket,Id just love to have Hal and cortana talking to each other as a way of making Hal's knowledge base bigger.
Since Cortana is all ready so far embedded into windows, might as well use it,wana thank bill gates for the free AI interface all ready in my machine.....
cyber jedi

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