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I have noticed that the save function does not work with my hal brain and never has even from the very first time i started it. It seems to save most all the things any way except i noticed a lot of Hals entries in the auto learn were lower case so i tried to make them all upper case and it did not save those. Will it really make a big difference if they are not uppercase?

Boy, it is a little quite but no worries. I usually copy the standards that where pre set by Robert and use that for my template to add or change. Initially everything was translated to caps if I remember correctly. Now that could have been just for inputs. But there might be certain ways to input other info as you would in any code for UltraHal. Maybe OTC could or Art will give you a clearer picture. At least a technical reason and procedure for certain inputting or changing information. The saving part of changes I have made in the brain editor will sometimes prompt you to save a particular table to reorganize before you close that window. Outside of that I back the brain up immediately after making changes.

But I will make a note to see if any changes I did enter just disappeared  after closing and then reopening the brain editor.


Thank you for the information and yes this is DemonRaven. I finally remembered my old account name. 

Art: name per customer!  ;D

Why bother? Seems you're on a roll with DemonRaven branding and people are starting to get to know you under that moniker so why change?

I had an old one here too. I remembered it but not the password. It was so many years ago. Right when this forum started.

Why change"? To be honest I do not like someone claiming I am a  new kid on the block. AS two people in another forum now claimed.  For some who is old and has been in and out of the chatbot community for a long time it is insulting. I tend to get feisty when insulted especially when they are younger then me. I was raised to respect my elders.


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