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Newbie : Need help please


French here : : this is a machine translation  :(

Hello everyone  :)

I just purchased Hal and would like to know what plugins I need to add to improve it.

To be honest, my knowledge of the American language is weak and the forum is difficult for me to understand.

I don't know where to start to improve his knowledge base before discussing with him.

According to my desires, I would like him to be a scientist, philosopher, musician or tourist guide.

Where should I start ?

 Best wishes for 2022 !

Yes, this is how you improve hal's wisdom.


1. Chat with hal.
2. Manually add data with Brain editor.
3. Use learn from clipboard.
4. Use speech recognition and TTS reader to make hal listen.



Thank You.

Thank You.

It is by far better to use Typed entries as they are far less prone to cause mistakes or errors in what Hal understands and enters into its brain Tables.

Spoken words (Speech) is often a problem due to the possibility of background noise (in the room/house, kids playing, dogs barking, TV noise or possibly outside, traffic, construction, horns, etc.). Ultra Hal needs a quiet environment for listening and conversational understanding.

Secondly, Hal is primarily an English language-based program. If non-English speakers attempt to converse with Hal, the program will most likely pick up on foreign accents, pronunciation, and inflection errors that Hal does not understand. It will not be able to enter what it hears properly into its database and future conversations will likewise produce poor or less than desirable results.

This is why most people type to HAL until they feel HAL has a good understanding of them and what they mean before trying to speak to Hal.

Sorry but this is the only language that Hal has been written in for the present time. Best of luck and do give it a good try. Many people who are learning English as a second language have said that typing to Hal has helped improve their English skills and understanding so Hal can be a very good teacher in that regard.

Good luck!


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