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Still possible to add custom characters?

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Hi folks, new to Hal

Can you still add custom characters? I found a demo for peopleputty but it seems impossible to get a license for now. Can you use 3d models in other formats?

Thanks for your time!

There are many Free 3D character heads, some Full Body, and a few Torso characters that can be found within this Forum.

One needs to go to Search then type the word: characters, in the blank and click enter.

It might take some scanning of a few lines but there are LOTS of characters here. Some are posted with a thumbnail photo of the head and others not so much.

Let me know how you get on or if you ultimately have trouble locating some.

I did try that before posting but every link I click on in the forums seems to lead to an out of service domain. Am I missing something?
Also I can't seem to get requests like weather/web search to do anything but prompt a conversational reply, but the sample conversation on the homepage suggests hal can do those things. Can it? How if so?



I forgot to welcome you so Welcome!

Here are a few characters that you should be able to download and are Free to use.

I can dig up lots more if you like.

There is a Weather Plugin that works very nicely but it takes a few changes in the script in order for it to know your nearest weather station's approximate location. The changes are like editing a text file so no big deal.

First, here are some 3D Head characters:

For a really nice Weather Alert Plugin go here:

Download it then scroll down to Message #5 and you can see how to set it for your area.

Have fun!!

- Art -

Thanks so much, this is really helpful. There's a few things I'd love to be able to do with Hal if it's possible:

open desktop apps
document management (moving/deleting files)
art prompts, or pulling a random list item from a text file and reading it out on command
web searches
playing music
custom voice commands with a preset response

are any of these possible/do they need plugins if so?

Oh, and could I also check if I'm correct in thinking that GPT3 neural net brain Hal can't be uncensored/R rated? Do i have to be on the default brain for any of this stuff too?

Sorry to bombard you with questions, just a little bewildered

I'd really love any plugins at all that are still downloadable and you have links to if that's okay, I struggled to find any. Thanks alot for all your help!


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