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After a few years away (and a couple of computer changes) I want to start using Hal again. I *did* purchase the program and it was active; now on booting up it tells me my trial is up and to either purchase or reactivate. If I try to reactivate online using the program, I get an error that the server can?t be contacted. How do I fix?

They might have changed servers since the years that you've been gone but I will send Robert Medeksza a message in your behalf and hopefully he'll be able to direct you!

- Art -

Thanks Art!

Just a might be able to download the latest version of UltraHal 7 (7.5) and use it!
I think it's supposed to be free

I am working on a bug that certain Hal 7.5 users who have had Hal for over 5 years are running into. I am wondering if you are running 7.5 or an older version?

If its 7.5 then I am working on a fix that should be ready in a few days. If its not 7.5 then please try downloading it as you may not be effected by the bug I'm working to fix.


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