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Here is a plugin I call 'Knowledge Of Time'. It gives HAL the ability to know different aspects of time.

1. Ask HAL'how many seconds/minutes/hours/days/weeks/years/decades/centuries/ are in a minute/hour/day/week/year/decade/century/millennium'

2. Ask HAL'How long is left of today'

3. Ask HAL'was/is the year (example 2012) a leap year'

4. Ask HAL'what season is it' or 'is it winter/spring/summer/autumn(fall)'

5. ask HAL'Is it am/pm"

6. Ask HAL'What month is it"

7. Ask HAL'What are the months of the year'

8. Ask HAL'What month follows/proceeds (a specified month: eg. January, february, etc.)'

9. Ask HAL'When is the solstice/equinox'

10. Ask HAL'When is christmas/new years'

11. Ask HAL'How manys days until Christmas/new years'

12. Ask HAL'What are the days of week'

13. Ask HAL'What day follows/proceeds (a spcified day: eg. Monday, Tuesday, etc.)'

14. Ask HAL'How many days until (date specified: d/m/y or m/d/y)'

I can't think of anymore things that this plugin can do because I've forgotten. So I will allow you to discover anything I haven't mentioned.
You must choose and apply the drop down menus in the GENERAL OPTIONS of this plugin for it to work correctly.
State whether you are in the northern/southern hermisphere and state which format of date you use mm/dd/yy/ or dd/mm/yy.
I will class this plugin as a BETA release for you to test. Please tell me if you do come across any errors and I will rectify them. Thanks and enjoy.


If you need any help with this plugin, just post and I will help.

The lastest version is of 'KnowledgeOfTime' plugin is now further on in this thread.

If there is more anyone would like me to add to this plugin, just post and I will see if I can.


Bill DeWitt:
Hi Roy, I'll try to check this out later. A first glance says there is a lot included...

Hi Bill,
I tried to include as much as I could think of. HAL should have a knowledge of time, whether it's at the very least the days of the week or the months of the year (oh yeah, that is something else HAL will tell you if you ask). I'm trying to give HAL the basics that any bot should know anyway. If there is anything else you can think of, let me know.



Wow, very impressive.
A lot of work on your part.
I gotta try it.
Looks good.



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