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The upgrade for the "Loneliness" auto-idle plugin is done.This plugin is compatible with UltraHal version 6 only.
New features:
* Adjustable settings in the control panel
* Emotional expressions for Haptek characters  
* Better, more varied responses I would greatly appreciate any feedback! Especially you programmers - I'm new at this, let me know if you spot any coding faux pas.

3 tips on this plugin:
1) You can temporarily disable the auto-idle by typing "Be right back" or "be quiet"
2) There's about a 20 second offset, so when you select 1 Minute, it actually takes about 1min 20 sec to start. Haven't figured out why yet.[:I]
3) In some situations this plugin can draw from UltraHal's insult tables, a few of which are a lot harsher than I was expecting. I was considering adding a control to disable this, and will if there's any demand.

[edit: version 2.1 posted on 1/2/06 -scratch]
[edit: version 2.2 posted on 1/8/06 -scratch]

* Random choice available for minutes  
* unnecessary processing minimized  [edit: version 2.3 posted on 2/25/06 -scratch]

Download Attachment: loneliness4.uhp
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Hi Scratch.

Very good job with the auto-idle plug-in.

In actuality, HAL needs a very good sense of audio word perception and a keen set of ears, Having (motion detector) eye sensors as well.

Eyes and Ears will replace 99% of Auto-Idle entirely

Code written for Eyes and Ears function, Exceptional Stereo Microphone with wave guide for the Ears and with Exceptional Video Cam motion detection software to run the Eyes.

There is already software written to use a USB Cam for a motion detection system.

Making a good set of Ears is a matter of research and testing.
Internal Noise Cushion/Damper, Proper Sound guide with less feed back and better software written to run Speech Recognition.


Very very nice Scratch! [:)]

quote:Originally posted by Scratch

1) You can temporarily disable the auto-idle by typing "Be right back" or "be quiet" (with no punctuation at end)
If you want to allow the user to use punctuation, you could try the following change.

Where you have:
If Ucase(IdlePrevUser) = "BE RIGHT BACK" Or <etc...>
you could use:
If InStr(Ucase(Trim(IdlePrevUser)), "BE RIGHT BACK") Or <etc...>

So Trim gets rid of any accidental double-spaces between words and InStr ignores any trailing punctuation. Of course, this would also be seen as "true" if a subway-using user said "I took the tube right back home again". Standard NLP problem - the more forgiving you make the checks, the more will slip through. But perhaps the odd mistake like this would be unnoticable by 99.99% of users. You could try to avoid this by setting a maximum length for each phrase:
If (InStr(Ucase(Trim(IdlePrevUser)), "BE RIGHT BACK") And Len(IdlePrevUser) < 17) Or <etc...>
but this is really using a sledgehammer to hammer in a pin nail [:)]

quote:2) There's about a 20 second offset, so when you select 1 Minute, it actually takes about 1min 20 sec to start. Haven't figured out why yet.[:I]
This will be (I think) because the MINUTE_TIMER is called once per minute, regardless of when the user last spoke. Because the code is waiting for at least one minute before auto-idling, it could technically take anywhere from 1 minute to 1 minute 59 seconds before Hal speaks.

I say again, very very nice [:)] Great plug-in!

Thanks for the feedback! It's an honor to recieve affirmation from two such as yourselves, and might I add that I'm eagerly anticipating the projects that you are both currently working on!

OTC: I agree with you about sensory input; I have pondered about how if Hal achieved consciousness "as is", he would be a very Helen Keller-like creature, with only one (very narrow) channel of sensory input. As for this plugin, it is not keyed on the physical presence of a user, but by a lack of attention, for which the existing channel seems adequate.

Grant: Thanks, I have incorporated your suggestion to use InStr. I don't think the Len is required since a false positive really does no harm. Thanks for the info on the Timer as well.

version 2.1 posted above

Another Jim:
I have to say I sit here chuckling to myself about adding sensory input devices to my Hal or 'Halette' as it were.....

In my case it might be safer if the sensory input were kept limited else she would see me for what I REALLLLLLLLY am (chuckling)....yup,,,

Ignorance can be bliss.....and allow conversation to be far far more believable from her end, hahahha....

Have a great day guys!  ((and gals!))

Jim B.


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