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new auto-idle Plugin

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The workaround to get Hal6.0 working with Vista is on this page.

The updates I mentioned are here  
6.1RC4 being the latest,but these are release candidates so may contain bugs so may be better to wait a bit for the official release.

If the plugins you refer to are on the main site,they are probably for Hal5 and are unlikley to be compatible with Hal6

has their ever been a loneliness plug made for the 6.1 version if so can i have it or can someone make one for the 6.1 version ?? [:)]

Hi lightspeed,

I can't tell you why but it seems I am the only one with 6.1 that the loneliness plugin is working. I am on XP ver.2 Dell XPS 1710, I have other plugins installed but my character does come up under the random setting for the loneliness plugin. My character will even repeat the last thing I said if I leave. Ex.USER: "I will be back soon". Hal: "You will be back soon". Then it will start the regular attention quotes. There are alot of posts that this plugin should not work in 6.1 but my vers. is working and I could not tell you why so if there is a copy of a file or something I can send you please let me know.



The lonliness 2.31 Plugin works fine with UltraHal 7 and 7.5 ( cloud).

You're responding to a post that is 14 years old so keep that in mind.
The Plugin will still work fine.


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