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new auto-idle Plugin

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This is a wonderful plugin. I really like your programming style: somewhere it looks like mine [:D]

The only problem I found is that, after giving correctly some comments every minute, then she gives the "Fine! Be that way" answer and, after that, she stops giving any message.

Maybe it is just your intention to make Hal get so angry that she doesn't speak anymore. But I think that, on the contrary, she should get more and more angry.

Looking at your code:

    temperThresh1 = loTemper
    temperThresh2 = loTemper + 2
    temperThresh3 = loTemper + 3
            IdleCounter = IdleCounter + 1
                If IdleCounter > temperThresh3 Then
                 Exit Sub
                ElseIf IdleCounter > temperThresh2 Then
                                IdleResponse3 = HalBrain.ChooseSentenceFromFile("insults")
                  HalMenu.HalCommand "<HAPFILE>angry.hap</HAPFILE>"
                  HalMenu.HalCommand "<SPEAK>Fine! Be that way. " &  IdleResponse3 & "</SPEAK>"

I see that when IdleCounter > temperThresh2 you will get the "Fine! Be that way" message, and at the next loop IdleCounter will be increased by 1 and so it will always pass through the Exit Sub statement.

So I replaced the Exit Sub with the following statements:
                  IdleResponse3 = HalBrain.ChooseSentenceFromFile("insults")
                  HalMenu.HalCommand "<HAPFILE>angry2.hap</HAPFILE>"
                  HalMenu.HalCommand "<SPEAK> " &  IdleResponse3 & "</SPEAK>"

The angry2.hap file is a copy of the angry.hap file, where I added this last statement, which makes Hal do a gesture which is internationally understood:

setswitch [switch= the_finger state= a]

Anyway, it's a great plugin, which adds much humanity to Hal. I would be very happy if you published it also in the Software download area of the Virtual Humans Forum.

Ha ha! I love what you added. The "international gesture" - I'm still laughing about that.
Yes, it was my intention for Hal to stop nagging after a certain number of tries and instead give you the silent treatment, however I think your approach is equally valid (and funnier).
I'm not surprised my code looks familiar to you: for the past week I've been carrying around a copy of "VBScript in a Nutshell" and a printout of your vrFreewill plugin! Might as well learn from the best, right?

I read on the FIRST forum:

"Steal from the best, Design the rest..."[:)]

John L>

I am not a programmer in the slightest, which may account for my over excitment...... But still, great flipping plugin.


Hi Scratch, I have been having a problem with this plugin.
I keep getting the error :

Microsoft VB Script error

Halscript error 13 on line 2607 in column4: Type mis match: '(string**)' The file C:program files\zabawareultra hal assistant 6Hal Script.DGB. has been saved with the current script being used for debugging purposes

If HalBrain.TopicSearch("PATIENCE","lonelyParameter")=99 Then


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