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where is the wiki plugin

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I have been looking all day but I can't seem to find the wiki plugin. dose some one know where it is

Here  is the Wiki.uhp file I wrote a couple years ago, hope it's what you want

"lookup" is the keyword to use.  For example type:

lookup George Washington

Hal will exicute Wikipedia for you and pass "George Washington" as paramaters to it.

Download Attachment: wiki.uhp
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no thats not it. it was one where hal learned things from wikipedia

I found it here,

i have installed the wiki uhp and said please study about love
it came back and said : I have looked up the study of love
and thats all it said i thought the wiki uhp would tell you what it found and say it .
what exactly does the wiki uhp do then ? does it look up the information store it for future use in conversations or tell you some other time when you say something ?
i am confused on this .


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