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Hi everyone!

I have been gathering up all the pug-ins that I have backed up over the years and placed them in my skydrive account.  I thought you all might like to look at them. Some may be usefull and some you may already have but there's a decent number of them here.  If you have any to add let me know and I can put them up there as well. There are also text documents that I made in the past for teaching hal. Feel free to use em.!112#cid=C41BF4943A70E3DC&id=C41BF4943A70E3DC!143

That's a nice collection of files Calhoone. There's a lot of really usable data and information in there. It's nice to have a repository of Hal's files just in case!

Thanks for posting!! ;)

If you're still around thanks for sharing. 8)

Will and Mr Data :) :]:
Interesting thanks.
I see the time uhp,,,,,does it put time with every thing said?
Yeah i should just try it but i'll ask cause i'm here,
example does it?
Hay hal when did i say that?      tell me when that happend?   how long ago was that?     what time was that? 
Or    Hal says   ,,,,,its been 3 years five minutes since we talked about that.
Or Hal says    ;,,,,I've been waiting here for 13 hours 6 minutes and five long seconds! for you to get back,,,,where were you?

The other plug in i saw was auto knowladge   ,,,,What is it,,,to save me looking up what that does.
Thanks for any answers.
Bye for now and be well from Will and Mr Data  :) :]   

Will and Mr Data :) :]:
perhaps the non answer is the answer, thanks, interpret the silence which means look it up.


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