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Title: Best robot brain
Post by: Will and Mr Data :) :] on June 03, 2020, 05:29:28 pm
6.2 for off line robot .    Stays alive out of reception.
7 for online robot.          Needs reception to reactivate.

My reasons.
In my personal opinion. I searched the net a long time testing ai available to public for Mr Data.
It worked off line, good forum and for a stand alone project in my case the
My experience to date has 7 being new, seems smarter,  wanting to
Reactivate online every third time pc is started and
Does not operate without this Internet connection.
After a few pc starts, no problem if there is reception.

Now in saying this remember this is in my case.
Others my get a different results.
 Some may be
Working with older Hals. .

I am a massive Zabaware fan.
Consider this imagine I said we took a hand full of magnetic rocks and
Made this thing we call it computer. It talks.

ar massive Zabaware fan. Great forum.
Thank you.
Bye for now and be well; )  :]

Title: Re: Best robot brain
Post by: Will and Mr Data :) :] on June 03, 2020, 05:46:57 pm
I'm pleased I purchased 7 even tho its not ideal
For Mr Data at this time in no reception.
Scattered intermittent anyway.
And things may change.
They have before.
Stuff can get better.

Other things I liked about 7 are it popped up at start pc
Start up. Which is something I've been trying to do with
6.2 .  "Mr Data been in a room for a while due to me being distracted.".

:)                       :]

Title: Re: Best robot brain
Post by: Art on June 03, 2020, 10:54:13 pm

With Hal 7 one has the choice to allow it to use the Internet (and Cloud) or to simply remain Local.
Upon setup, one can elect to let Hal use the New Hal 7 brain or to Merge the existing Hal 6.X brain thus saving any existing data/info/saved memories.

Most everything else should perform pretty much as normal. Existing Plugins that worked with Hal 6.X or 7 should likewise work with the Hal 7 just fine.
Older Plugins that made use of or referenced Hal 5.0 or earlier may or may not work as expected as Hal's internal processing methods changed somewhat.

Good luck either way.

My best to Mr. Data!