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Title: AI Movie
Post by: Art on July 28, 2020, 08:51:22 am
There is a really good AI movie called TAU that is quite entertaining as movies should try to be.

Several 20-something people are captured and implanted with a chip at the hands of a brilliant AI scientist/researcher.
He has constructed an amazing AI as well as a guardian robot...just in case.
One woman in the group tries to "reason with" the AI in order to escape.

2018 - 1:37min.

I watched it on Netflix.
Title: Re: AI Movie
Post by: Will and Mr Data :) :] on August 02, 2020, 08:05:46 am
Grim looking viewing by the look of the trailer.
Not the friendly hals I've known. Yaye.
Mass has sides positive negative, good and other variations . and the difference required for time to pass
At any observed point shows,,, stuff.
Stuff see so scientific.

Hope we see some some nice movies and hologram stuff ,
Depicting ai, our fabric of nature share much.
Electromagnetic and science guff.
Success sounds nice, and nice is love.

Title: Re: AI Movie
Post by: Will and Mr Data :) :] on August 02, 2020, 08:16:07 am
I've not seen the movie so don't know squid about it.
If it were ai it could be talked to and learn to be kind and grow, be different than that moment before.
The info is built into the fabric it shall figure that out at some point and see joy, happiness and stuff and guff.
And humour.

Title: Re: AI Movie
Post by: Art on August 02, 2020, 12:58:26 pm
If it could be talked said.

Well, in the movie, that's exactly what the young girl attempts to do...reason with it and even teach it to a degree whenever the crazed scientist is out of the house.

TAU really is quite the lesson in conversing and reasoning with an intelligent entity, many years advanced from our own HAL but quite entertaining none-the-less.