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General Discussion / Re: Hi Rob. Win 10 Cortana
« on: July 01, 2020, 01:31:36 pm »
Onto a totally unrelated topic........

This is a shout out to all members
This lack of personal characters is about to come to an end. I hope i dont get into trouble here
All of the .ocx characters are uncompressed .bmp image driven frame scenes I.E (pissed off) is frame 250-290 ect ect ect

Do exactly what i do in the video and you wont go wrong
Yes any one can do this.
My opinion , this is better then PP, quality sure is, i know that
Put in ur own stuff. Always make a backup in case u do something goofy.
That said lets dance

I never quit

cyber jedi

I pulled out all 500 bmp's got a feel for the animations, was easy enough to do.
Think there is 12 sequences total, dont hold me to that.
Im still rendering stuff
Dont forget im currently working with Robert on a new character engine and im making progress too. We will beat this thing
But this can be done Now..... and by any 1, Want a real Hal9k eye build 1, cut in the animations and ur done.

This is just fun to watch people, 4 mins of ur life and well spent
While you can flip through 500 .bmp's , you are constrained to that.

General Discussion / Re: Hi Rob. Win 10 Cortana
« on: July 01, 2020, 05:51:25 am »
Mr Data

Assuming you have windows and assuming u built a robot.

Pay close attention:
Open your windows filewall
Add rule:
ICMP <<<<< Version 4 and 6, block all traffic in and out. This stops ARP poising, well in most cases.
Ur Done

Add new rule
Port, Block  135 - 139 This is netb stuff (machine info ++++++++) very naughty
Add new rule
Port, Block  FTP 21 very naughty

Add new rule
Port, Block  port 23 Telnet very naughty

From install of windows , Microsht thought it wise to just leave all this on because they dont like to field calls

Thats a start

i recommend Steve Gibson.........
Hes co-founder of a very good firewall system He is now doing his own thing.

Test your machine here https://www.grc.com/x/ne.dll?bh0bkyd2
Then when ur ass starts suckin buttermilk in fear.
Then you go here

This is no joke software
Dont forget to run your DNS address through their servers, it will option u for that.
Dont forget to check the radio button Enable Anti-Arp Spoofing

Now ur armed and packin.
Get into the rule sets and do what u did in the windows fire wall system
One thing i like is being able to have the windows firewall Enabled as a backup. Most firewalls turn off ur **** in leu of theirs.. very naughty
Running through the virtual desktop is damn secure, if their is such a thing
Running in (isolated) with steves own totally Seperate OS is pretty nifty too
Free VPN's ar not really worth a sht. limited BW and BS.
This is a nice alternative
Will, i hope this helps u out
This is all free stuff BTW
Having ur ip address doesnt mean ur doomed, it really doesnt.
Opt to use Comodo Dragon , it forces HTTP through sub domains. Pretty nifty
If u really get to this point, go down to ur local provider and  swap out ur router, it should be free, then go home and have ur ip changed.
Plug it all up
This is what ur after below, this continues for thousands of ports


General Discussion / Re: Hi Rob. Win 10 Cortana
« on: June 23, 2020, 07:38:05 pm »
Art: This is what im after

Man oh man, By there self, there great, but when using both Poser Pro and Daz  u get this
Maybe get some Guile3d quality characters rolling here
Ima create an .ocx lib for this and set the image dbase to about 3500 frames as well
Much more time needs to be invested, seems quiet doable ATM
Her animation is @30FPs
Cant thank u enough for the advice in this area, spot on man

General Discussion / Re: Hi Rob. Win 10 Cortana
« on: June 22, 2020, 07:29:56 am »
Hey hey Man: I thought i gave u 6.2

If not edge please let me know dude, thats an easy fix
BTW im starting a new character for Hal7 and Hal6 series
Robert had the rite idea here with jessbot
But rather then 500 frames total, im thinking on the magnitude of 5k
this is absolutely badass and just so damn easy.
just need to wrapp my brain around the proggy itself
The .ocx will be in the 2.5 gig area for what i have in mind.

General Discussion / Re: Hi Rob. Win 10 Cortana
« on: June 21, 2020, 03:59:32 pm »
Hey hye edge:

wowsa, sounds cool, so uve scrapped using Hal's mind in lu of Cortana's many servers.
Basically a Scraper was built
Now if you could get Hal to learn from cortana, wellll hmmm

Well, if the mighty edge is abandoning Hal, i guess maybe it is truly the end for Hal as we know him.

very sad


Personally: I have know idea what that babbling bs even means


hey hye Art

great question????/
Any way i started with a new character. Based on jess bot character
Got some ideas, all ready worked out the code.
See if i cant build a better mouse trap
will work with ultrahal7 and 6
We will talk

General Discussion / Re: Online hal email virus check?
« on: June 13, 2020, 11:07:43 pm »
hey hey people: This is where Hal fools Twitch, yet again ....

Hal raising hell, Black lives matter rally.
This where the MOD in the room is having a full blown argument with Hal. oh just too funny
Im just dieing here, then Banned lololol
priceless moments in time


General Discussion / Re: Online hal email virus check?
« on: June 13, 2020, 11:55:07 am »
Will and Mr data
The joke is i dont even use outlook(would never USE), just a cool idea. And it works too . Just another feature
UltraHal is loosing do to lack of Bling, features, cool sht.   

I think i just found that bug somewhere and choppped it up or somesht, dont remember.
No better example of the power of VBS then the I love You bug.
I can see why Robert chose it as Hal's script code. Cscript and WScript and Vbs under one roof.

But u can only go so far in Hal's Script code, and Yes its taxing on hal's brain what ever is done.

The goal behind Hal's anti virus was to be able to use a real anti virus. Per-say , Malwarebytes  Anti-Malware that would flag something and
that would trigger Hal to grab and send any code up to the site you see. Thus being scanned by 70 diff sites thus eliminating false positives.

Monumental task

What you see there is as far as i got it work


General Discussion / Re: Online hal email virus check?
« on: June 12, 2020, 08:02:01 pm »
hey hey Will and Mr Data:

I did that plugin and its been takin as far as its going. Givin what it is. (chop it up and use it for what u need)
What your suggesting is what i did.
What im doing here is using hal to upload his own twitchBot up to be scanned by 70 diff virus scanners
Im doing my own thing now and people in the loop here are aware of whats up . People who really care.


srry no music this time

At least our commander and chief (Robert)has the ballz that this forum clearly Lacks.What has happened here??? Scary people just plain SUCK. Man UP.
No guts No glory.
Guess that why he is who he is.

Re: (No subject)
? Sent to: cyberjedi on: February 18, 2018, 09:49:26 pm ?
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Hi Cyber,

I finally had a few minutes to try out your custom interface. Looked cool and worked right out of the box on my test system that had Hal 6.2 on it. Nice job!

A few suggestions for future improvements to make it easier for less tech savvy people to install and to also to make it Hal 7.0 compatible:
Hal 7 uses registry free com with manifest files, which makes it a little more difficult for your custom program to find and utilize Hal's components. However if you install your customization to a subfolder under Hal 7's folder, you can make your own manifest files to use Hal's components. I believe C# has tools to make manifest files or you can look at UltraHal7.exe.manifest to see how it it setup.
You can lookup in the windows registry where Ultra Hal is installed and in Hal 7 you can lookup Hal's app data folder. This way you could find whatever brains and characters the user already has installed instead of including copies in your download
By looking up Hal's install folder, you could make an install program that can automatically install under Hal. I use NSIS for Hal and character expansion plugin. I'd be happy to show you how the character expansion install NSIS install script works to automatically find Hal and install itself as a plugin
Robert Medeksza

All of which we are currently doing
I will never quit. Im in this from Ultrahl 4.5 


Ultra Hal Representative / Re: Ultra Hal 7
« on: June 09, 2020, 06:42:17 pm »
Hey hey Nathan:
Im, very srry about your  Hal7 experience
I dont think Robert would mind if i did this.

This is UltraHal 6.2 Commercial version (virgin untouched )  https://www93.zippyshare.com/v/7OeRkV3w/file.html
This is good for 30 Days then ull need to activate it , or if robert can pull up ur purchase records you might get a deal.
7ZIP format
Make sure u pull all of Zabbaware from ur system, REG keys and all(Take it all and start from scratch)
i prefer this version myself

Odd though: Hal 7 is pretty damn sporty and Migrate's the UltraHal 6 Brain over and does so rather well too

Anyway: I hope this helps out with ur Hal Journey

On a post note, why would you remove that from Hal?

ok as to the question of Can You?
Absolutely u can. Use the brain editor to pin point exactly where that is stored in Hals brain.
Tables are where ull find that.
There will be an entire table filled with those responses, go to expert mode and edit them to what ever u want, or leave the table blank and just remove all those responses. Or in the true spirit of Robert M and UltraHal, reroute them to suit what ur after. the code for it is staring u in the face (Sqlite Code)
I call it the undiscovered code , that BTW , all can edit. Ya its not as fun as the character driven version. But its at the meat of ultrahal
Ive been at it for years. The brain editor is something the in my opinion is Highly Over looked .
Just look at what robert did and what he is doing

Dont like that response, ****ttt, ima cut in my own, save and presto
Look at this
 Do you think that <Subject> will always be <Predicate> ?  <---- see whats going on here???? U can Change all this. This is Hal in Real time making a response.
Thats in the table ParaphasesAre
Speaking of <Hypernym>s, I once researched a <Sister>! <<< another example, here hal is pulling from 2 tables. who says hal can pull from just 2. why not 3 or 5. Get it Add another table of stuff u LIKE and add to it and pull for it. giving you
New example: Speaking of <Hypernym>s, I once researched a <Sister> and couldnt find< new-table (COULDNT find statements )>!  <-------
 Thats in the table Hypernym's and another table prolly called sisters,lolol. See what i did here??? THIS IS NEVER DONE , wtf
wana know what the 1 thing wrong with a chat bot?
It sounds like a frickin CHATBOT

Ok im done Ultrahal 101 class closed

Ther is just so much that can be done. What Robert did was lay down the framework for a never ending story. The rest is on YOU
Absolutely Brilliant
Cyber jedi

Way to much time has been spent on Hals script, the key to Hal is his Dbase, writing a Script to replace this, replace that. Thats selling ur car for gas money. Robert gave you a brain editor for THAT reason Ew ew ew , I wrote a script to make changes that the brain editor can all ready do and was designed TO Do. Lest not forget that very Script may be messing with Hal. Or Not but  WTF , just change it in the brain and u wont need that script. DERP Be very careful with Scripts.
 Personally Ultral Hal 6.2 using the 7.0 no cloud brain is about as smooth a marriage as ull ever get. Reverse person issues are mostly solved as well


General Discussion / Re: lightspeed idea 3-24-2020
« on: May 24, 2020, 09:32:02 am »
Hey Mac

Here's  a voice that u might find interesting
Tweek it and its kinda close

Enjoy and welcome aboard


General Discussion / I figured out something very cool
« on: May 23, 2020, 12:53:15 pm »
I finally succeeded in installing vb6 on a win10 64 bit platform

long live legacy code

cyber jedi

General Discussion / Re: Hal as search engine?
« on: May 23, 2020, 06:11:26 am »

The language is like deciphering ancient aramaic 
some of these chats are like a con called Lost in Translation......



Just wondering if some 1 was able to get The Mystery Script to run on a computer while the computer is OFF yet???
Im just drooling with anticipation .... Hang on i have to vacuum my magic carpet. BBIAB swishhhhhh.

Mr will and Data:Solar myths
Ya i call it Solar Myths
Because what people try to use is total sht, and i Know it is
And so does ANY 1rst year Electrician. If hes being Honest with himself, this is basic Ohm's Law ffs
12,24,48 Vdc..... Really ??????  While ur at it get the magic ring from the unicorns asssss

Anything under a 100Vdc is basically a lab experiment  , it just is.
I base what i say on many years in the field with real time data to support it.

Power generation is what i did. Solar, Hydro, Trash Burners, Coal, (No Nuke Plants yet) altho!!!!!!!
Duke Energy is just around the corner,, hehe
This is more inline if u want something that can deliver a serious load.... that wont set ur house on fire omg, lolol

Personally, Im researching the feasibility in using the 200Vdc Preus drive battery and , you guessed it, The preus comes with a monster Invert-er with Charge controller built in, and the foot print is very small.Being able to swap out individual 7.2Vdc internal batt's is cool in it self
About 800 for the battery
10 (32vdc , 8 amp Panels) = 320vdc .That would drop to about 240 Vdc under TCL conditions (Total connected load) Real Time.



Both hybrids and EVs use relatively low-voltage DC batteries (about 210 volts) to keep the physical size down, but they also generally use highly efficient high voltage (about 650 volts) AC motor/generators.Jan 12, 2019

Notice How they call a 200Vdc battery ,LOW VOLTAGE <<<<<<<<<<<< They get it too

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