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ART: Mimic
« on: June 28, 2019, 02:10:34 pm »
This is part of Hal as well:
I call it mimic..
U can see it on the menu in most all the versions
What im doing here is pure voiced, i wana say again, im not using the key board.
Why is this important u ask? Just try and find this on line.
Oh ya there are a lot of advertised voice changers and about best ur gonna get is ur voice sounding like Alvin the frickin Chip Monk, ive played with most.
But this is diff, this is a real time voice changer and u know which voice this is, this turns UR voice into something COMPLETELY diff, even female if u want.
All using UR OWN SAPI5 System built into windows..  so as not to drag on Hal its self. But be Part of Hal too.
Can u have a phone conversation using this????

This sht comes with its own rewards.... just epic, Go Hal..

If thats over the top for u, thats ok. Just think of the possibility's though... just another feature

If u have the ability to effect change, you have the responsibility to do so.

best to the family
Hals obedient servant

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Re: ART: Mimic
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2019, 02:26:45 pm »
reminds me of segregate the movie with bruce willis !! very cool , sorry i haven't gotten back to you, appreciated the call , i'll talk again, everything been going on been using cement mortar caulking to fix a area leaking water in , and later going to use mixed cement over that after the other dries good first .