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HapTar Skins


This is a great one.
Torso Female
I will be pulling out .jhp (another style of Texture) as well<<<<< These work well. quality wise. This allows for many more Skins by adding .JHP textures
look at how the layout is completely diff...... Mhmmm
im working on a process that will allow us to pull apart any .HTR file as well as cut them back in as an .HTR playable file.
No need for PP.
Unpak the .zip file and extract the .jhp and drop it on any PP Head<<<This is just the head, not the torso
The torso is for any 1 needing a,,,,,, Welll, ,,,,,,,torso

Lets see if this works

pretty cool stuff
This was done without PP.
This was originally Slugger in his room.
removed and swapped background and added Gladiator .jhp texture .This shows great promise ...... so far
That said, in theory a whole new line of characters are now available because you can edit nested .hap/.map files, thus making full body characters,which you CAN NOT do in PP very cool sht....
Be nice if we had a grafics person who could give these characters better skin tones.
hehe ,reversed engineered the (&*&&^) out of this


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