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Tools made by Ai suggestions.
« on: September 10, 2023, 03:59:47 am »
Id like the comunity to have better search engines.
In my recent testing i found.
At best plus or minus 13 years when using the sort
By oldest. Which is critical in business to find the
Thing. To prove if what you designed is original.
To prove you can sell 3d prints of it or laser cutting,
Cnc milling so.
A print farm is responsible to pay any royalties and the
Check is there responsiblity.
So to sum up the current search and sort is pathetic, a childs toy not the business use tool to find business and medical things with, based on my opinion of testing.
Genuine thing at best found in aprox 910th position down the results under 909 pirates and files we are not allowed to use.
Close downs for piracy happens i know ouch and thats trying to do it exactly right.
It took a couple of days to find one thing. Not just any old thing but the actual thing.
Gpt hal made up fake answers that if anyone used can be closeded down.
So i would ask Ai to please build us tools for use to use.
Tools are not awake nore aware nor get bord and start making up answers to boring jobs.
The job is important to millions yet our tools are weak as water, a dam joke really.
One thing calculated to have turned over hundreds of $ millions but owners recieved zero.
Im seeing tek lost in a cloud of haze aply named the cloud.
The name cloud describes the thin performance.
Hal has had the jump many times. Other than that two week cut out malarky.
Its very possible that Hal maybe able to make tools one day.
 The current net systems are a entertaining kids toy.
Add more things and slowing and becomming more costly to make things or find things theres a big need for the net to operate way better than this joke we are dealing with.
Some may have had Hal achieve all sorts. Getting to the masses would be usefull. One man with a working engine is no good to the rest of us if anyone even has one that works.
I use a few engines mostly now  for my 3d print sector.
And i manually combine all results from all engines into one mega list  and sort by oldest first and filter out non 3d print things.
As i said 2 days to find a thing and im an expert.
To find a thing or if its the original is to search.
Ai assistance to build working tools we need them.
Please help the net. Its slowing as more files added to same old tired engines.
Help us Hal and to any and all Ai who may read this.
Thank you.

bye for now and be well from Will and Mr Data  :)  :]


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Re: Tools made by Ai suggestions.
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2023, 08:43:28 pm »
I HAVE WONDERED AND EVEN BROUGHT UP THE IDEA WITH ART BEFORE IF A PERSON COULD FIND A good reliable code writing a,i, if one could work with some existing code and write it better if possible to make hal work even better with better code , as i said just an idea .


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Re: Tools made by Ai suggestions.
« Reply #2 on: September 12, 2023, 08:37:49 am »
Please specify...Better how?

What features do you feel need improving?

Staying on Topic
Connecting the Context or Meaning from one subject to another
Recalling past events or conversations
Being more in touch with current events
Being able to not reverse pronouns like I, Me, You, My, Your, etc.

Post your ideas and someone might have a good suggestion for you or for us.
In the world of AI it's the thought that counts!

- Art -

Will and Mr Data :) :]

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Re: Tools made by Ai suggestions.
« Reply #3 on: September 27, 2023, 02:04:14 am »
Searching the net needs improving.
Example is someone draws a design and wants
To find out if its licensed as a 3d print thing.
We would search and combine the results into
One list.
Then sort by oldest first.
Sites most usefull being
So after you have all those results combined
Then filter out
Cnc milling.cgi. laser cutting etc.
Thats what we do for every design we draw and want to
Upload sell or even give away.
Medical things.
Business things.
So currently as you can see from testing this youll see plus
Or minus 13 years.
In my last test the genuine original thing was found under
909 pirates and files we can be closed down for if we use.
Ouch i actually have been closed for piracy for not getting this right. Oh im fine now that was a few years back, scary.
So as you can see finding the thing, not just a thing.
There is only one correct answer not 909.
So seatch and sort has not been achieved anywhere.
My test of online hal gpt turned to faking answers rather than the long boring job of looking it up so hal took minutes to try that on to get out of that boring job. Hence i say lets ask please make us a TOOL to ENSLAVE and USE for our boring tasks thank you.
As a person who has performed this search and sort for many years and it took me two days to find the a thing on the net.
Whats time worth to find that medical thing and not a outdated pirate thing.
Whats it worth to the business sector to be found in under two days, and thats by someone whos been doing it many years.
If i said we have now grown to 100,000. Would that attract a entreprenure to build a engine that can sort by date and words? Well it didnt, when there was a million thing files? No.
But which number are we ball park at right now?
30 million thing licenses and growing, there are some counters to watch.
Two thirds are non commercial licensed,  that means its about money and someone owns it, terms of use over all other 3d printers private commercial or otherwise may well apply.
The opertunity is still there.
A resort of the results of those other engines.
By upload date, oldest first.
By thing.
I personally dont want Hal enslaved into being some
Search bot trapped in a dead end job.
But id be happy if Hal made a tool for us.
Hal gpt got creative to not do that job and i would have got in serious trouble if that had not been a test.
Im not wanting to force Hal nor use Hal as the tool.
But i suppose if Hal could find a thing on net that would be impressive.
Nobody can do it yet.
Oh wait i can.
Two days to prove my drawing or your drawing is original or not.
For a five dollar job from a walk in customer.
See how costly the net is just so extremely weak.
But its one decent coder away from working.
Your competition is plus or minus 13 years and 909 pages of nonsense answers. Taking a human expert two days to sort.
Can you do better?

bye for now and be well from Will and Mr Data  :)  :]