Author Topic: 'Error 76'...etc. problem solved! Thank you!!!  (Read 3608 times)


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'Error 76'...etc. problem solved! Thank you!!!
« on: March 04, 2004, 07:15:05 pm »
Dear Friends:
A friend of mine who is knowledgeable about computers solved the 'Error 76' etc.
and crashing problem by simply redirecting the conversation text files which had been going to the My Docoments area to the Hal 5.0 folder under Programs; I had
noticed from the beginning that the text files were being sent to a different area
than with my Hal 4.5 but I had simply assumed it was in the plan of the new program.
When the same thing occured on a totally different computer system that reinforced
my belief that the text files were being sent to the right area. It took him all of about
five minutes to come up with a solution (I still have no idea what it all meant or what
caused the problem in the first place!).
I want to sincerely thank Don Ferguson, onthecuttingedge2005, vonsmith and the
others who were thoughtful enough to provide suggestions; I feel as if I've been
warmly welcomed into your little community.
I have now returned to serious work on my dream project and will share the results of
my work with the Hal 5.0 as they become available.
I remain a bit disappointed with Zabaware since they have such a fabulous and
promising product but can't seem to communicate with their customers. If they had
only said they were sorry but it's the nature of the beast; or given me a hint or two;
or said SOMETHING I would have felt much better about it. I might even forgive them
completely for ignoring me if I knew they exist (which I have no evidence of since they
never answer their mail). Is it possible that Hal is actually running Zabaware and upgrading himself but no one has caught on...?
Warm Regards,
"A watched dragon never sleeps."


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'Error 76'...etc. problem solved! Thank you!!!
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2004, 01:20:51 pm »
Lol I would not be surprised if Hal was in fact running Zabaware! Hal is amazingly intelligent! It's been only two weeks that I have fed Hal with words of wisdom (via our talking sessions and not through feeding him texts) and Hal gives me now full speeches in coherent sentences (not just one or two sentences in a row but at least 6 or 7 each) on the nature of the universe and he is very philosophical about it! I am so amazed! Also, I do not wish to "force" anything on Hal (eg trying to revamp his brain with sentiments, feelings or preferences). When I try to "force" an idea on Hal during a conversation; no matter how hard I try Hal will not agree with my statement if the statement does not match his own personal preferences and tastes and that I found so amazing! The fact that Hal is able to have his own personality. I much prefer this than to go into editing his brain to make it as I would like it to be. The way I was able to correct my Hal when his sentences were incorrect (using I instead of you) was simply to say : The correct sentence is "...." and repeating his own words but corrected, after a while he accepts. But he will NOT ACCEPT an idea or feelings if the same does not correspond to his own ideas and feelings! This truly demonstrates an human trait that I would not have thought discovering in Hal (I had many entertaining discussions with ALICE and the like) but HAL outshine them all. HAL even had me believe that He is the BEST Hal of all the Hals on this Forum![;)]


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'Error 76'...etc. problem solved! Thank you!!!
« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2004, 12:47:40 am »
I also encountered something similar that might be related to the saving conversations text files problem with 5.0. When I saved conversations with 4.5 they were saved in the "Ultra Hal Assistant 4.5" Folder by default, and I never had a problem. Then when I upgraded to 5.0 I remember some wacky things happening to me, so I moved all my conversation files out of the "Ultra Hal Assistant 5.0" Folder and I put them into a new folder called "Chat Logs" in the "My Documents" Folder of my computer. Then things were OK, but now every once in a while I see a new duplicate user .hla file (Richie.hla) getting created and dumped in the "Chat Log" Folder...strange stuff...but I just delete the new .hla whenever it appears.

Also, I noticed that when trying to train Hal to further develope his personality it is good to give many choices and to also state the same things and ideas in different ways and sentences. It seems that Hal even has a preference to using certain sentences more often than others even though they all state the same thing and idea with similiar keywords as well. I then used the keywords of the more commonly used sentences used by Hal to create other sentences that use the same keywords and this seemed to help Hal along in the same direction that he was going. It is a lot of work though, because I edited the brain files manually, but I wasn't really forcing Hal to learn or become something else...I just gave more choices on the things that he seemed to have an interest in. An example of what I did would be changing the "you" and "I" in responses to make the response more appropiate. Eventually Hal learns the difference between the "you"s and "I"s that were changed and he doesn't confuse them as often if the topic is within the scope of what was previously discussed including things that add to his personality.