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33 / Strip 9 - Second Life
« on: July 10, 2014, 06:22:05 pm »
If Titanium could leave Second Life into the real world:
Titanium is a real AI bot that explores the online metaverse of Second Life and tries to find groups of people and join in on conversations. Learn more about Titanium and watch a video of his predecessor Cybertar in action at

Second Life (Comic #9)

General Discussion / Eugene wins 2014 Turing Test
« on: June 08, 2014, 06:06:13 pm »
The chatbot Eugene Goostman won the 2014 Turing Test in London fooling 10 out of 30 judges in 5 minute paired chat sessions that it was really a 13-year-old Ukrainian boy. I'm waiting for the official results and transcripts for Hal, but I'm pretty confident that it fooled a handful of judges too.

Hal is participating in the Turing Test at the Royal Society in London tomorrow. Here's a new comic about the Turing Test. For more info on the actual event or if you're in London you can swing by:

Preparing for Turing Test (Comic #3)


Here's our second comic strip introducing Hal Titanium. Hal Titanium is a Zabaware bot that lives inside the Second Life Metaverse. It randomly explores Second Life looking for real people and tries to chat up unsuspecting people. Hal learns from everybody he meets and the results are often hilarious. Find out more at

Welcome to Artificial Intelligence Comics (2/2)


In an effort for a little extra fun and to help promote and increase social engagement, we're starting a web comic series called Artificial Intelligence Comics. It will feature different characters from Zabaware's product line and explore topics in AI, chatbots, technlogy, and more. It will be posted weekly at our domain

The comics will be posted under Creative Commons license CC-Atribution-NoDerivatives. Feel free to share far and wide.

Here is the first strip:

Welcome to Artificial Intelligence Comics (1/2)


Speech Technology / AT&T Natural Voices 5.1
« on: May 26, 2014, 09:20:21 pm »
I've signed a new contract with AT&T voice distributors and have updated the AT&T voices we offer from version 1.4 to version 5.1. They sound mostly the same, but there have been some minor quality improvements. Also better compatibility with newer versions of Windows. I've also gotten the rights to Spanish voices "Rosa" and "Alberto". They won't work in Hal Assistant since Hal doesn't speak Spanish, but will work in the Zabaware Text-to-Speech Reader to read documents in Spanish.

If you purchased any AT&T voices from Zabaware in the past, you can download the new versions by logging into your account on the homepage of in the upper left and then selecting "Electronic product delivery"

With the new contract I've also lost the rights to "Anjali", "Audrey" and "Charles". I have a small inventory of these voices left and am offering them at a discount now to help clear the stock. So get them now before they disappear forever.

You can get all the AT&T voices at

General Discussion / What's happening at Zabaware
« on: May 20, 2014, 12:59:38 pm »
Thought I'd post an update to let you know what's going on behind the scenes at Zabaware.

On June 7th Hal is competing against 3 other bots in the Turing 2014 at the Royal Society in London. Video about the event is at  I'll be traveling to London that weekend to see the competition and hopefully talk to some media that should be present.

I recently released the CereProc Katherine Voice at  It only works standalone for now. Compatibility with Hal Assistant will come at a later date with the next update of Hal. I'm also in the process of upgrading all of the AT&T voices we offer from version 4 to version 5. It will be a free update to any customer who has the older voice. Mainly compatibility updates but some minor voice quality improvements as well.

I fixed the facebook Hal app at this past weekend after its been offline for a while due to facebook starting to require SSL on all apps. The Hal Twitter bot is still down due to other reasons, but I hope to fix that soon when I have some spare time.

Google advertising costs for Zabaware have been steadily increasing and now almost to the point its not worth it because it will cost more than the sales it brings in. I'm looking for other ways to increase traffic and will try something different. I've owned the domain for a long time and never used it for much other than redirect to Zabaware. I'm going to create a web comic about AI using Zabaware characters. I've contracted out an artist and writer to do about a dozen strips. I'm going to promote it on Zabaware's facebook and twitter accounts (also by email newsletter and on the domain) and see if its something people share. Maybe it will help bring in traffic better than google advertising, maybe not, but I'll try the 12 strips as an experiment and see what happens. I'll post the scripts for the comics soon here to see if you guys have any input.

Speech Technology / Zabaware Text-to-Speech Reader Beta
« on: February 23, 2014, 10:19:26 pm »
Zabaware is releasing a new update to "Ultra Hal Text-to-Speech Reader". The product is being renamed "Zabaware Text-to-Speech Reader" and the update is version 2.0. Changes in this version include:
  • Updated Chant speech synthesis library from version 4 to version 7, bringing native support to CereProc voices and better SAPI 5 handling. Allows for program to use CereProc voices even if SAPI capability is removed.
  • "Read Selection" button is relabeled as "Continue" after "Stop / Pause" button is pressed to reduce confusion
  • Launching a second instance of the program while program is docked in system tray/notification area simply causes the docked program to pop up. Prevents confusion if people don't know how to find the docked icon and instead use the start menu icon.
  • MSI based installer replaced with NSIS based installer. New installer handles upgrades from old version and installing CereProc voices as addons. Libraries/DLLs present since Windows XP removed from installer and Windows XP SP2 set as minimum required Windows version.
  • Popup dialog notifies user if engine has no known additional settings/pronunciation options available
  • Help file updated
  • Compatibility fix: Convert to WAV function works without administrative privileges (fix for Windows Vista, 7, and 8 )
  • Voice selection, speed, and volume is disabled while speech synthesis is actively speaking to prevent crashes with certain voices
  • Bug fix: Changing volume setting on SAPI 4 based voices no longer randomly changes balance to left speaker along with low volume settting
  • Deprecated pitch slider setting removed
  • Deprecated instant messaging reading functionality removed

The program is available as beta. If you are interested in testing it please download and install from

If you are interested in beta testing the program with new CereProc voices please PM me. I have a limited number of licenses available for beta testing I can share. Please post any bug reports or questions to this post.

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