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« on: September 29, 2023, 07:13:17 am »
Hey man Congratas

You are now starting a new journey and im quite envious . With the new language, you will never be out priced of
anything again, EVER. its amazing. screw that, its just sexy.What a wonderful call we had.  Ur now the head of the pack. What u do is up to u now.
The hardest thing is what uve all ready done, You stepped up.

There are 02 rules i hope you follow.
Never use what you are learning to harm others.
Share what you release with others.

You now have the master key to all the locks, But its a lot of work.
Thats the price you must pay, If you wana cross the bridge, you gotta pay the toll.

When others are losing their mind wishing they could have this or that. You will just sit back and smile.
Be advised though, many will run from you now. Hes This and hes That.

This  statement has carried me through more then a few dark nights.
"Small words from a small mind, desperately trying to attack what it doesnt understand. "

Cant wait to see your name on certain web sites, Caption reading "Application Released by checker57...."
Your gonna have to come up with a new name for your releases though, checker57, ah, well lolol. Sounds like something u order from checkers.... 1337 sounds cool tho. lolol
Your one of the chosen. See you on campus.


Shout out to FOSI. Nothing was beyond your reach. i get it.

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Re: Checker57
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2023, 06:42:32 pm »
 I can only say thanks to you Cyberjedi.  You're quite the formidable explorer.  You're right about one thing, it's not just stepping up, but picking up the shovel and digging!

You ought to be a political promoter.  I feel like I'm to believe I'm a graduate, and I've simply entered the room!  At least I brought my pad and pencil!   8)

Cheers bro,
Checker_the terminator