Author Topic: adapting my regular hal learning into my motion detection extended speech  (Read 167 times)


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hal may be old but not obsolete (as the terminator later on said! i haven't given up on hal.

i had been putting mostly regular conversation into my hal motion detection extended speech , but have now included some information that i had been teaching hal . so at various time Angela will mention some of these things!

example : Case
IdleResponseX =    "i read something interesting before, The Copenhagen City Heart Study found that the sweet spot for jogging was running two to three times weekly at a slow speed for 1 to 2 point 5 miles."
IdleResponseX =    "dear i saw on tv something interesting, did yah know that, Slow running helps to reduce resting blood pressure and it promotes a stronger heart, You?re still putting your system under stress, but you don?t need to put the body under excessive amounts of stress to get cardiovascular adaptation.!"

i think this will also ad to more interesting conversation instigated by hal without me having to say something first.