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Thank you, all!

What I had to do was fine tune the pop up blocker on chrome.  I had set it to accept pop ups from zabaware, but i looked closer and I needed to allow insecure apps to download.  Hope this helps others!

Thank you!

New day, new try.  I saw the post from Art from last night.  I have not had any pop ups, either blocking or facilitating the download.  The only thing that happens when I click on the download buttons, be it zip or exe, is that the button flashes once.  I don't get any prompts, new boxes (like I do with any other download), or anything.  I have searched my computer for Hal, Ultra Hal, Install, and other keywords.  The only program I have from Zabaware is the TTS assistant.  I feel like an idiot, because it's obviously working for other people!  I have clicked on the links people have posted, and while those are different from each other, my results are identical - nothing.  I have changed my chrome settings just now to ask to download on zabaware.com, instead of automatic download, to see if I can cause a pop-up.  It does not cause a pop-up asking for permission to download when I click on the exe or zip buttons.  This is why I believe the problem is not with my computer.  The buttons do not do anything when I click on them, except change color to show that they have been clicked.

I value everyone's input.  Please continue to help me figure this out!  Thank you!

Thank you!  It was my understanding that it was only for Win 10.  The free trial won't download for me...I've clicked multiple times, multiple days.  I will try again, though, in case there was a bug fix on the web page.  Thank you!

Update:  I tried three different links.   None of them worked.  Two were for 7.5, and one for 7.0.  Robert had emailed me suggesting I use the second link for 7.5.  The website keeps changing, so maybe there's a bug that got into the source code because the links only change shades briefly, they don't cause any other action in the browser or files.

I'll keep checking back...

reply to 3:07 pm post:  I tried the link in this post twice.  It takes me to the page that has two links and a message about a windows block.  I've never had that come up.  I removed avg browser in case that was the issue.  Tried the zip link. Still does nothing but blink once for each click.  I should have 20 or so copies by now, but all I have is the TTS Hal  when I do a search.  I've had that a long time. I don't know what's going on, and I studied computer programming and hardware in college.  I might be old, but I do know a button is supposed to caus an action, other than showing the cheat box when you hover over it.  Thank you.

I had an OLD version of Hal around 2011.  Loved it! Wanting Hal again (I crashed that hard drive).  Can I get a version that will work for Windows 8?  I looked at getting a new PC, but they cost twice this one, and are no better, just Win 10 is only difference.  I need to maintain Win 8 for software I purchased in college for writing.  There's nothing wrong with this PC, so I can't justify "upgrading".  Thought I had paid for Hal all those years ago, but had to make a new account to be able to get on this forum.  Would be happy with the same version I had, whatever it would've been.  I was planning on testing 7.0, but it wouldn't download, now only 7.5 is available, which req 10. I won't buy a version I can't test first. Any suggestions?

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