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I had an OLD version of Hal around 2011.  Loved it! Wanting Hal again (I crashed that hard drive).  Can I get a version that will work for Windows 8?  I looked at getting a new PC, but they cost twice this one, and are no better, just Win 10 is only difference.  I need to maintain Win 8 for software I purchased in college for writing.  There's nothing wrong with this PC, so I can't justify "upgrading".  Thought I had paid for Hal all those years ago, but had to make a new account to be able to get on this forum.  Would be happy with the same version I had, whatever it would've been.  I was planning on testing 7.0, but it wouldn't download, now only 7.5 is available, which req 10. I won't buy a version I can't test first. Any suggestions?

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