Author Topic: Bought and paid for... and SUPER BUGGY  (Read 3327 times)


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Bought and paid for... and SUPER BUGGY
« on: September 01, 2001, 01:02:34 am »
I use "startup monitor" on my machine to keep track of any programs that try to add themselves to the registry.

Ultrahal adds some ridiculously long-named exe file to the reg every time I start my computer. This is very bizarre. Funny thing, none of my other commercial software does this. Why is hal trying to inject itself every time the machine starts? It's already there. Once should be enough.

There's a box in the options menu that changes hal's startup status so that it doesn't autoload. I checked this box. When I started my computer today, it immediately popped up a box saying that hal wasn't closed properly and I'd need to reconfigure.

Now it does that stinking reconfiguration every time I start the computer, as well as jacking around with the registry. Not cool.

Ok then, if that's not enough of a problem, the speech recognition doesn't work either. I'm using the latest Microsoft SAPI compliant speech recognition engine. I've trained it and I know for a fact that the mic is working just fine.

But, ultrahal (ultra? Not.) can't seem to access the speech recognition.

This thing should not be a commercial product yet. Neither is it worthy of the Beta classification.

This is an Alpha version at best. I paid for an Alpha. Great.

Now let's add strike three. I sent an email to Zabaware about these issues several days ago and have received no reply.

This is why I'm now airing this in the public forum.

Can we get some repairs on this thing or are we stuck with useless, system-destructive garbage?