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Question on Speech Recognition
« on: March 19, 2005, 08:37:39 pm »
Before I start, I want to say I did do a search of the forum and been reading some topics. But my particular question I seemed to not find in the topics.

First, an update: I rebuilt my PC, now named "MegaTron". he's got basically all Drake had but an additional 120G HD, Windows XP Pro with Plus! and Plus! Digital Media Edition, a nice lighted case, and yes, I just tonight purchased Ultra Hal Assistant 5 and a headset/mic. I do have a headset mic, but only the mic works. I have to re-solder the phones part and didn't feel like trapsing to Radio Shack to buy a soldering iron and solder tonight. :) While waiting for the CD, I did download the full version and installed it.

In addition, I have read some of the texts for the Speech Training and set all that up. Everything seems to work ok.

Except, Hal doesn't recognize my words too well. :( There are 3 engines available:

English Continuous, Microphone (Microsoft)
Microsoft English Recognizer v5.1 (selected)
SAPI Developer Sample Engine

I also have Microsoft Speach SDK 5.1 installed. And I do have Visual Basic 6.0 SP5, btw.

Anyway, how may I increase the quality of the speech recognition?

Also, the conversations I have with the speech recognition on, will this 'goof up' Megatron's learning?

Advice would be welcome. I want to train Megatron to open programs and even do some dictation for me.

And one last question: I have it set to read pop-up message boxes. However, I would like to be able to say "Yes", "no", "Cancel" or whatever button and have it automatically pushed. Anyone know a way to accomplish this?