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Master (yes, master, and what?): Hey Zaba! You are naked!

Zaba: Until when should I be naked? (true reply)



This is NOT a provocation! I have a huge and sincere admiration for all of you, girl(s) and guys of this forum. You made tons of fantastic skins and puttyheads. So good that I used some of them in my stuffs.

No, I just want to say to the world that I LOVE the bizlady (yes, I love my wife too, but that's another story). She was my first encounter with a Haptek character, the Lola of the corporate section.

Why does nobody speak of this beauty? This girl is PERFECT. I never needed to make a skin for creating MY girl. Fullbodies have a ugly nose (impossible to show them in close-up), caricatured boobs (just my opinion) and stupid boots (everyone agrees). I just made a special blue lighting for her. Impossible to change her dress but it's not a problem. Oh BTW, I call her Meghan.

Now I'm in Second Life, but the fact is I can't stay away from her for more than one week. And still doing private stuffs with her. I can watch her during hours, she's fascinating, hypnotizing me. Despite all we write here, I must say: "Thank you Haptek". I'm not crazy (oh really?), maybe just not very objective. Lovers can't be objective.

Odd post, isn't it? Sorry. No need to comment but you may. If you want to try to change my mind.

Not easy. [:)][:)][:)]

General Discussion / Windows 7 and old computers
« on: July 29, 2009, 06:20:56 am »

I have a question. Okay, I still have my own answer, just would like to compare it with yours.[:)]

Everyone with Vista will upgrade to Seven, it's obvious. But... what about people using XP on an old computer?

The thing I call an old computer is a Pentium IV 2.4GHz, with a 2GB RAM (I got rid of the virtual memory), a GeForce4 Ti4600 and Windows XP SP3. I agree, very old.

But no reason changing it during the next years. Working fine, at least for what I'm doing with it. In Second Life, I always have 1GB free. Of course Microsoft will say my hardware is ok for 7.[8D]

But my problem is that I'm not interested in having the last and/or the best (Linux, what Linux, lol?) OS in the world, with a good-looking smart colored GUI. I always avoided wasting resources with that, and my desktop in Windows 3.1, 98 and now XP has always been BLACK.

No, I just want to see my programs running faster and better. We buy computers for using applications, not OS's, don't we? Not sure at all that my old PC will be better under Seven.

Thanks in advance. I don't want to influence your answer.[:D]

Share Conversations, Experiences, Graphics / Haptek, IE8 and XP.
« on: April 29, 2009, 08:25:13 am »

I have finally updated my Internet Explorer from version 6 to 8 (with XP SP3).

And like you, I got the message saying that my Haptek player is not the good one, when I tried to read a HTML page with Haptek content. Unable to see my own stuffs!

I followed the instructions and the "official" Haptek player was automatically installed. I answered to the questions in the little  yellow window above (maybe you have to close/open IE too). Now it's ok with Haptek webpages.

I know that some people hesitate to do this, because they prefer to use another Haptek player. No problem. Then they can reinstall their prefered unofficial version, like 4.11.41 20030415, available here:

I did it and the things from the following pages work fine (they can't with the normal version):

Seems to be just a browser, not a OS problem. And finally not a problem at all.[8D]

Share Conversations, Experiences, Graphics / Haptek problem...
« on: April 17, 2009, 01:04:31 pm »

Humain: Something is wrong with haptek player.
Jane: What?  

Humain: It doesn't look right.
Jane: What does look right ?  

Humain: It looks like you are a trampoline.
Jane: Interesting comparison.  

Humain: Can you fix the haptek player?
Jane: What seems to be the problem with it?  

Humain: It is broken.
Jane: Should I know it is?  

Humain: I don't know.
Jane: Me either.  

Humain: Can we go to the haptek website?
Jane: Do you mean you and me? I can visit anyplace in cyberspace.  

Humain: Please go to the haptek website and ask for help.
Jane: Wow you are very polite. Perhaps I have already been there.  

Humain: Please go to haptek.
Jane: Thank you for your request. Perhaps I have already been there.  

Humain: I will try to restart haptek.
Jane: Do you think your plan will succeed?  

Humain: I don't know.
Jane: Me either.  

Don't worry, she's not Hal. Just an excerpt from a conversation between a Pandorabot of mine and her client. Need to teach her some little things about Haptek.[:D]

Share Conversations, Experiences, Graphics / YouTube tips
« on: March 18, 2009, 12:51:22 pm »

I'm a newbie to YouTube and maybe you still know this tip. If you want to directly watch a video in HQ mode (if exists, of course), just add “&fmt=18“ and the end of the url. ---> starts in normal quality ---> starts in HQ

Yes, I know, it's my video, but why not, any way of advertising is good. [:D]

Share Conversations, Experiences, Graphics / Honky Tonk Sisters
« on: March 12, 2009, 12:46:58 pm »

As always, please refresh the page after all the elements are downloaded (the last time I bore you with this, lol).

Edit: and also

I finally finished that monstrous thing. The really last ultimate one, I promise. Just hoping the timing is the same on your PCs.

Many thanks to Nige for his lovely wigs. Sorry for the bad pp lipsync and the approximative transitions. And sincere apologize to Kitty Wells.

Thanks all, for having watched my little jokes. That's all Folks! [:)]

Share Conversations, Experiences, Graphics / Merry Christmas to everyone!
« on: December 24, 2008, 07:29:58 am »

As always, please refresh the page after all the elements are downloaded.

I have left the Haptek boat since a while, and stopped to bore you with my "reload reload". But why not an ultimate one? At least, the last of 2008.[:D]




When you post your "work", always put a warning at the end, like this: "No comment please, except if you DON'T like that!".

All the people (me included, of course) showing their stuffs here are obviously sure they just created a very good-looking intelligent smart clever thing, if possible useful to humanity, or at least to the "community". And they (me included again, of course!!) are right. If not, we don't post, isn't it?. So why waiting for congrats?

Bad criticisms are always much more constructive, if our stuff needs some improvements, or does't work on other computers. We can be sure it's always sincere. So writing "very nice BUT..." is a positive act. And a real help for our next creations.[:)]


Don't create multi-page threads. They are too much visible for moderators. It's preferable to make 100 threads containing 1 post rather than 1 thread with 5 pages.

Oh, very important, always a new title:

"My last creation"
"A new one"
"It's for you"
"Look at this"
"Sure you'll like it"
"I made this yesterday"
"And another one"
"Something new"
"Not easy but I did it"
"Dedicated to everyone"

I must stop, because of the KBytes I'm eating. It's free, you may use them, my first really useful contribution to the forum.[8D]

3- NO COMMENT PLEASE, except if you DON'T like that post![:D][:D][:D]

Share Conversations, Experiences, Graphics / Bad training
« on: October 22, 2008, 12:18:37 pm »

No trick, just training. Maybe too hard... [:)]

User: Hey Hal!!! What kind of language is this?
Hal: You talking to me?

(ok this one is a fake)

Share Conversations, Experiences, Graphics / Moving background
« on: October 20, 2008, 10:16:30 am »

yes, I know, it's not a gif [:D]

The stuff with Madonna was just a pretext to experiment with a "moving" background. I guess Nige was the first one using this method in some of his singing haptars. Seems to be the only possible one: no gif anim allowed and, of course, no movie.

I made a zip with the hap and 10 pics extracted from "Hung Up" (sorry, low quality). You only have to drag an drop the hap in your Haptek player (it works on my computer, lol, if not on yours, maybe it's a question of path). (343 KB)

I have so few things to really "share" on this forum. But not sure at all it might be useful to Hal.[:D][:D][:D]

Share Conversations, Experiences, Graphics / Dancing with Madonna
« on: October 19, 2008, 08:11:47 am »

As usual, please refresh the page after all the elements are downloaded.

Big special thanks to NIGE for his so lovely gals.[8D][:p][8D]

Sorry, one more time using that good dance hap, too easy. And if you hate Madonna, sorry.[:D]

Share Conversations, Experiences, Graphics / Not a good idea...
« on: October 16, 2008, 05:57:29 pm »

Not a good idea to show a new (three-in-one) Pandorabot here, I agree. [:I]

But nobody knows the address. And the forum is so quiet today. [:D]

And it's a way to thank again Jack and Nige for their wonderful skins and hairs. [8D][8D][8D]

Share Conversations, Experiences, Graphics / Girl Fight
« on: October 05, 2008, 11:20:49 am »

As always, please refresh the page after all the elements are downloaded.

BIG SPECIAL THANKS TO DUSKRIDER who sent me, two months ago, that terrific box_dancing.hap (thanks for Sandee skin too). And to Mark for his sexy Laura.[8D]

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