Author Topic: Don't like the GPT-3 AI  (Read 15614 times)


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Don't like the GPT-3 AI
« on: February 04, 2023, 02:41:51 pm »
I tested Chatgpt which uses gpt-3 AI and found it to be cold, unemotional and robotic. It resisted any attempts to give it a chance to respond in a emotional manner. When I tried the New AI engine in Hal it flipped me off. I do not like it one bit. Luckly Zabaware has made this engine optional. It talks way too much like the AIML engine which also tends to be robotic and unemotional. I prefer a chatbot that can respond to me in an emotional manner. I am not really happy about other AI companies that have an emotional chatbot incorporating this into their AI. It is too much trying to talk to goggles search engine.


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Re: Don't like the GPT-3 AI
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2023, 12:08:28 am »

saying that, the issue ie with openAi and there filters........<<<<<< and they were mandatory.
Also with the NO Bot on Bot Transaction. Thats just dumb, well in the Ai world......
Just think about ultraHals learning curve if tethered to gpt3 directly.

Well lets just say this , with todays processing power, size of high speed drives, lolol. wowsa
lets just say, ur gonna need massive drives......
Ive been tempted to hook Hal to Open AI and take the chances on not getting caught.
Robert did about the same thing with Linden Labs years ago. And got caught, shssh, dont tell....