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ROBERT Please reply to this...
« on: September 26, 2008, 05:12:06 am »
Hi Robert,

I am trying to make Hal work using Vista's speech engine, which actually works very well with its native text to speech and voice recognition application. However I cannot SEPARATE out just the MSAgent/Speech Recognition Application from the core speech recognition engine, which results in your own app: HAL running at THE SAME TIME as the Vista application. Clearly this is not practical because HAL's instructions to do things are also heard by the Vista application and the two are clashing.

If you look here:

you will see an article describing how you can get your application to use Vista's native MSAgent just as a recogniser but NOT use the conflicting application native to Vista. It is too technical for me to understand but I feel sure you will understand it.

I am keen to purchase Hal Assist, but cannot do so until I solve this problem.

Your software notes say that I can simply use the native Vista MSagent/speech recognition engine with Hal, but when I opt in your options menu for this, then both Hal Assist AND the vista applications are both running. So if I chat with Hal the vista speech app thinks I am giving it instructions when I am not. I feel sure there is a way to use Hal Assist on top of the Vista engine without the Vista app also running. I hope this explains the problem clearly.

Could you please let me know the solution to this, whereupon I would be very keen to purchase Hal Assist. By the way I am successfully using Guile 3d's Nicole as a virtual assistant with Hal and despite your options showing her as not able to lip sync, she does it perfectly. This maybe indicates that in fact when running Hal in Vista it is not using Hal's engine but the Vista engine.

I would appreciate a really CLEAR explanation of what to do to resolve all the above problems. Thank you.
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