Author Topic: OUR HAL ON E-TABLETS etc.  (Read 7805 times)


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« on: July 14, 2013, 11:12:47 am »
     I was wondering if we paid users of Hal will get to use our Hal on our e tablets , i was talking with another member about  using our characters but as he pointed out they are through Haptek which wouldn't be supported  or probably ever will be .
     I was mentioning all the great free apps (with advertisements ) that i had gotten from Google play store (this may be a place that Robert may want to check into maybe make money from advertisers with his Hal tablet apps and products .)
      But what would be nice is is Robert could create something like people putty and sell it for use with Hal and provide updates , i am not sure if something can be made that way in an app form but would be nice as with many e tablets (mine included) their is no programs (only on p.c computer tablets which are also more expensive to buy. )
      I think their could be a lot of potential money in the tablet apps .
 I would buy a program from Robert if done right that was similar to people putty and had updates .  and Robert could make money from app advertisement and selling apps for tablets and also p.c. tablets .